A Guide for Producing Content for GE Insights

Thank you for your interest in producing content for www.governmentevents.co.uk/ge-insights/.

This document serves as a guide for writing articles, case studies, reports or blogs to be featured on www.governmentevents.co.uk/ge-insights/. All content is subject to approval and we will send any revisions to you, for sign off, before publishing.


Please ensure you register for www.governmentevents.co.uk and familiarise yourself with the platform. Registered users have access to up to 2 articles for free in any format.

If you are a confirmed Contributor, providing a series of content pieces throughout the year, as per the agreement, we will upgrade your access to a full subscriber.


Style and Format

We do not take a prescriptive approach to the style and format of content produced. However, some general rules of thumb include:

  • A good length for a written piece is between 1500-2000 words
  • Bear in mind what colleagues across the public sector can learn from the piece to help their own organisations
  • Style of writing – accessible and approachable language (not academic)
  • Please include any appropriate organisational/personal information or logos

Please look through the platform to familiarise yourself with the tone and style of the content.

Guidance for Written Case Studies

  • Make it clear from the start what the learning outcomes of this case study are, bullet points following the brief introductory overview can be a good way of formatting this.
  • Structure the case study as follows:
    • Introduction
    • Learning outcomes/key findings (bullet points)
    • Challenge
    • Solution
    • Impact
    • Lessons learned/key takeaways
    • Next steps/future (outline where next for the case study, if appropriate)
    • References

Guidance for Articles/Blogs

  • Examples of discussion points:
    • How to?/ FAQ / dummies guides etc
    • Policy developments over time, include the historical context of the subject being discussed
    • Latest reports or statistics published
    • Why this area of importance to the audience?
    • A new way of approaching a challenge. What is happening? Who is developing it?
  • Their focus should be on key takeaways/learning outcomes
  • Suggested article structure as follows:
    • Introduction
    • Learning outcome 1 – heading
    • Text explaining
    • Learning outcome 2 – heading
    • Text explaining (cont)
    • References


If you have agreed to an interview, the Content Producer will liaise with you in advance to agree the questions and meeting arrangements. Interviews are typically a maximum of 30-45 minutes. As mentioned above, the final video or/and write-up will be sent to you for sign-off.

More Information

If you have any questions, then please contact Julia Gillman, Content Producer, on julia.gillman@governmentevents.co.uk.