The Safeguarding in the Voluntary Sector Conference 2023: Speaker Presentations

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You can view the speaker presentations below:

Catherine Edginton, Senior Safeguarding Lead, Charity Commission

Suzanne Cottrell, Safeguarding Audits Manager, Social Care Institute for Excellence

Simone Last, Safeguarding Lead, Brook

Sophie Hailwood, Operations Director – Inclusion, and Jane Hinchliffe, Safeguarding Coordinator, Touchstone

Graham Thursby, Safeguarding and HR Adviser, Bond

Julie Pal, Chief Executive Officer, Community Barnet

Simon Davies, Head of Safeguarding, The Scout Association

Scott Berney, Head of Safeguarding, British Heart Foundation 

Diana Hofler, Head of Operations, Time and Talents and Chair, Safeguarding Leaders Network, Community Southwark

You can view the recordings here:

Morning Session 1: Video starts at 6:50

Morning Session 2: Video starts at 6:40

Afternoon Session 1: Video starts at 7:02

Afternoon Session 2: Video starts at 6:45