The Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) sector has long suffered from a lack of diversity in its workforce. People from minoritised backgrounds often face additional barriers to pursuing a career in STEM, leading to underrepresentation, particularly at senior levels. However, there are many strategies organisations can adopt to drive improvements in the recruitment, retention and progression of diverse talent. Adapting recruitment techniques, partnering with local schools and colleges, and developing an EDI strategy are key tools for enabling diversity in the talent pipeline. By coming together to share these solutions, businesses and research institutions will be better equipped to truly champion inclusivity and create more supportive environments.

  • Women make up just 29.4% of the STEM workforce in the UK, according to the Government Equality Hub (2023)
  • Black professors make up less than 1% of science academics (Higher Education Statistics Agency, 2021/22)
  • In 2022/23, Engineering-related apprenticeships rose at a faster rate than all other subject areas

Join us at Advancing Diversity and Inclusion in STEM 2024 to hear the latest guidance on how organisations can better encourage women and people from minoritised backgrounds into STEM education, research and employment settings. High-level keynotes will offer insight into delivering successful EDI initiatives and transforming culture, followed by a range of best practice case studies. Topics include effective community outreach, multi-agency working and applying data insights from diversity monitoring. Our panel lineup will offer tips on attracting and retaining a diverse STEM talent pool, followed by a breakout networking session allowing attendees to share solutions and experiences whilst networking with other senior colleagues.

Why Attend:

Learn from Industry Experts: Hear from industry leaders and experts who will share their experiences and best practices for developing tailored workforce interventions and fostering inclusive workplaces

Engage in Interactive Sessions: Participate in interactive sessions, including panel discussions, case studies, and breakout networking sessions, to exchange ideas, share strategies, and collaborate with peers from across the sector

Gain Inspiration and Empowerment: Be inspired by stories of successful initiatives and empowered with the knowledge and tools to drive positive change and make a meaningful impact in promoting diversity and inclusion in STEM

Network with Industry Professionals: Connect with industry professionals, senior representatives, and experts from a diverse range of organizations and sectors, providing valuable networking opportunities and potential collaborations

8 CPD points towards your yearly quota

For more information or to make a booking please call 0330 058 4285

  • Online Registration

  • Chair’s Opening Remarks 

    Ijeoma Uchegbu, Professor of Pharmaceutical Nanoscience and UCL Envoy for Racial Equality, University College London (CONFIRMED)

  • Keynote: Harnessing Diversity to Achieve UK Ambitions in STEM Innovation

    This presentation will outline current trends and challenges in STEM diversity, highlights new programs for STEM education access and skill gap solutions, and showcases strategies and collaborations to improve minority representation and recruitment.

    • Outlining current trends and key challenges for achieving greater diversity in the STEM workforce
    • Insight into the latest programmes to improve access to STEM training and plug industry skill gaps
    • Guidance for tackling under-representation in senior leadership through developing tailored workforce interventions
    • Highlighting examples of multi-agency working to overcome barriers to recruitment and progression of minority candidates

    Clio Heslop, Head of Policy, Partnerships, and Impact, British Science Association (CONFIRMED)

  • Keynote: Becoming an Inclusive Employer: Key Strategies for Driving Improvements in Diversity

    This session details the business benefits of diversity in STEM, presents strategies for embedding inclusivity, offers tips for setting achievable diversity goals, highlights the role of collaborative efforts with minority colleagues, and discusses data collection and reporting for monitoring progress and ensuring transparency.

    • Outlining the business case for diversity and inclusion in STEM and gaining buy-in
    • Developing an EDI strategy to embed inclusivity into organisational values and processes
    • Tips for setting achievable benchmarks and commitments to tackling pay gaps
    • Collaborative working with colleagues from minority backgrounds to co-design and deliver diversity and inclusion initiatives
    • Data gathering and reporting techniques to monitor progress according to diversity metrics and deliver transparency

    Lauren Couch, Associate Director of Culture, Equity Diversity & Inclusion, Wellcome Trust, Interim Director, EDIS (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Science and Health) (CONFIRMED)

  • Key Supporter Session

  • Questions and Answers

  • Comfort Break

  • Case Study: Partnership Working to Level the Playing Field and Inspire Future Leaders in STEM

    Includes tips for aligning diversity objectives with growth opportunities, outlines techniques for partnering with social enterprises for STEM outreach, discusses engaging under-represented youth for talent attraction, and highlights considerations for scaling STEM programs.

    • Tips for identifying and creating opportunities for growth through aligning commitments to diversity objectives
    • Partnership working techniques to build and deliver a STEM outreach programme alongside social enterprises
    • Engaging with young people from under-represented groups through outreach activities to attract and encourage future talent
    • Key considerations for scaling-up successful STEM programmes and rolling out to the wider business

    Jeff Banks, CEO, Lightyear Foundation (CONFIRMED)

  • Case Study: Improving Accessibility into STEM Through Apprenticeships and On-the-Job Training

    This presentation will share successful schemes for promoting young minority backgrounds, offers ideas for collaborating with schools and colleges to inspire local youth, suggests activities to enhance workplace belonging and retention, and proposes creating dedicated managers for tailored career progression support.

    • Ensuring equal opportunities: sharing successful schemes to encourage the development of young people from minority backgrounds
    • Ideas for working with schools and colleges to inspire local young people from under-represented backgrounds
    • Activities to foster a sense of belonging in the workplace and improve retention in the workforce
    • Creating dedicated managers to support individuals with tailored career progression pathways

    Jenny Taylor MBE, UK Graduate, Apprenticeship and Student Programme Lead, IBM UK (CONFIRMED)

  • Case Study: A Whole-Community Approach to Engaging Disadvantaged Young People with STEM

    This session will outline strategies for building trust with young people for career guidance and STEM promotion, provides tips for engaging family members and teachers in STEM, suggests creating community links for upskilling opportunities, and highlights mentorship schemes for supporting disadvantaged youth with professionals.

    • Building trusted relationships with young people to provide career guidance, promote STEM fields, and challenge negative stigma
    • Tips for achieving buy-in from family members and teachers through engagement with STEM
    • Creating community links with local businesses and schools to enable opportunities for upskilling and development
    • Using mentorship schemes to partner disadvantaged young people with professionals from similar backgrounds to share support

    Dr Ollie Folayan MBE, Head of Process and Safety Engineering, Optimus Plus (Aberdeen), Co-Founder, AFBE-UK (Association for BME Engineers), Chair, AFBE-UK Scotland, Visiting Professor, University of Dundee (CONFIRMED)

  • Questions and Answers

  • Lunch Break

  • Panel: Sharing Tools and Tips for Attracting and Retaining Top Talent in STEM

    • Successful strategies for diversifying recruitment techniques to encourage applications from under-represented candidates
    • Discussing methods for building a robust progression pipeline for colleagues from minority backgrounds
    • Overcoming challenges in creating tailored diversity interventions according to specific business needs
    • Tips and tools for working with schools and universities to encourage more students into STEM

    Sarah Mukherjee MBE, Chief Executive Officer, Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) (CONFIRMED)

    Sheila Flavell CBE, Chief Operating Officer, FDM Group (CONFIRMED)

    Jessica Adaku Okoro, Founder, BeScience STEM, Global Programme Manager, MIGSO-PCUBED (CONFIRMED)

  • Questions and Answers

  • Breakout Networking: Discussing Strategies for Achieving and Maintaining Diversity in STEM

    This session will provide you with the opportunity to discuss the main challenges you face in attracting and retaining diverse talent in STEM-related fields. Share the strategies that have worked well in your organisation whilst networking with senior colleagues from across the sector.

  • Comfort Break

  • Case Study: Fostering a Culture of Inclusion for Women in the STEM Workplace

    This will provide tools for gender-neutral job ads, tips for tailoring career paths, suggests activities for senior leaders to act as role models, and highlights workplace activities to empower female colleagues and combat imposter syndrome.

    • Gender decoding: tools and resources for removing bias from job adverts and promotional materials
    • Upskilling line managers to create tailored career progression pathways according to individual development needs
    • Activities to encourage senior leaders to be active role models to younger staff and share their stories in tackling barriers to progression
    • Workplace activities for empowering female colleagues and helping them overcome imposter syndrome

    Jack Painter, Head of Products & Services (D&I), Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) (CONFIRMED)

  • Case Study: Removing the Career Break Penalty: Overcoming Barriers to Re-Entering the STEM Workforce

    This presentation will outline barriers for STEM professionals returning from career breaks, provides strategies for adapting recruitment to support experienced candidates, offers tips for supporting workplace returners, and shares returnship programmes and supported hiring pathways.

    • Overview of individual and structural barriers for STEM professionals returning from extended career breaks and steps needed to become an inclusive employer to career returners
    • Practical strategies for adapting recruitment techniques to better attract and support talented and experienced candidates
    • Tips for supporting workplace returners practically and emotionally through the transition back to work
    • Return to work pathways: sharing returnship programmes and supported hiring

    Julianne Miles MBE, CEO, Career Returners (CONFIRMED)

  • Questions and Answers

  • Chair’s Closing Remarks

    *Programme subject to change


Who Should Attend

Who Should Attend?

This Conference is open to Public, Private and Third Sectors

For more information or to make a booking please call 0330 058 4285


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