Suicidal thoughts can stem from a range of complex issues and emotions, and these can be exacerbated and amplified in times of crisis. It can be difficult to spot the signs that someone is suffering from suicidal thoughts and both challenging and distressing when trying to provide support.

A considered response to these conversations can make a person feel visible, valued, and listened to while also signposting to the specialist support available.

This course will improve your understanding of suicide while providing you with a practical toolkit to respond effectively to the topic of suicide when it is raised. The course will also help you to build personal resilience and emotion wellbeing during and after these conversations.

You will have the opportunity to reflect, share experience, understand best practice while participating in course activities and case study discussions in a safe space and open forum.


  • Gain an improved understanding of suicide
  • Understand risk factors and indicators
  • Recognise the difference between responding vs reacting
  • Learn the 3 elements of empathetic communication
  • Understand how to respond in an emergency
  • Recognise the importance of signposting
  • Improve how you look after yourself and build resilience

Training Outcomes

By the end of this session delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the importance and role of listening and responding empathetically
  • Build a toolkit of questions and responses and know when and how to use them
  • Know how to respond in an emergency during the conversation
  • Recognise the signs of personal emotional and mental fatigue
  • Identify a range of practical steps to build resilience
  • Apply the knowledge gained from the course to better support customers during distressing conversations

Please Note: This can be an incredibly sensitive and upsetting subject to talk about. It is important to remember that delegates attending this course may need an opportunity to quietly reflect or talk to someone they trust following the course.

TRAINER: Helen Pettifer

Helen Pettifer is a Customer Service consultant and trainer, specialising in consumer vulnerability since early 2018.

Helen has built up a strong brand reputation for her work in raising awareness and understanding within organisations on how they can best support vulnerable customers.

This work has been delivered across all sectors, however predominantly within the financial and public sector.
Helen is regularly invited to speak at conferences, forums and on webinars and podcasts. At the end of 2019 Helen launched her own podcast entitled ‘Unlocking Vulnerability’.

For more information or to make a booking please call 0330 0947 344

  • Session One
    • Understanding Suicide
      • Definition
      • Terminology
      • Statistics and Impact
      • Risk factors
      • Indicators
  • Break
  • Session Two
    • Responding to and supporting someone in crisis
      • Active listening
      • Helpful and empathetic questions and responses
      • The BLAKE protocol
      • Signposting
    • Responding in an emergency
      • The suicide continuum
      • Assessing risk of harm
      • Accessing emergency help
  • Break
  • Session Three
    • Looking after yourself
      • Emotional resilience
      • Mental resilience
      • Physical wellbeing
      • Circle of control
  • Trainer’s Summary and Close
  • Online Fee: £249+VAT