Inclusive leaders have key characteristics which truly set them apart from other leaders. Inclusive leadership is about adapting our personal behaviours and using one’s leadership privilege to take steps to break down the barriers facing people who are at risk of exclusion in the workplace. Developing an inclusive workplace culture through effective leadership not only produces a happier and healthier workforce but will also avoid groupthink and drive success through diversity of thought and representation.

What you say and do matters. Leaders who understand and speak to the benefits of diversity and inclusion and role modelling inclusive leadership in their everyday work, will enable companies to accelerate their diversity and inclusion efforts where all are accepted for who they are and the value they bring.

Whether you are a senior leader, a manager, an HR assistant or simply want to lead the change that you want to see, this practical workshop is designed to help you to think and act inclusively. Inclusive leadership skills will make you a better leader and drive strategic success and productivity in your organisation.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Know the link which connects equity, diversity and inclusion to leading inclusively
  • Appreciate what inclusive leadership is and why it matters
  • Recognise and understand the key characteristics of an inclusive leader
  • Experience how the impact of the assumptions one holds can exclude and limit others
  • Understand the behaviours that can make a meeting exclusive and know the behaviours which enhance better inclusion in meetings
  • Learn the value of psychological safety, speaking up and how to speak up in respect of non-inclusive behaviours and know how to challenge the status quo
  • Creating inclusive working cultures to improve organisational performance.

Trainer Profile: Fiona Daniels 

Fiona is the CEO and Founder of FD2i Inclusion Business Partners focused on partnering with businesses to help them shift from diversity to inclusion.

She is a passionate, funny, authentic, highly respected, well-networked, business savvy professional with25 years’ financial services experience and has held a range of roles within Retail and Wealth Management, Commercial Bank, Recruitment, and Learning and Development

Prior to establishing her own business, Fiona spent many years leading and growing the global diversity & inclusion agenda for one of the largest banking and financial service organisations in the world. She was the first Global Head of Employee Networks, interim Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion and a Senior Global Diversity and Inclusion and Relationship Manager working in partnership with HR specialists and business partners, employees, external partners, CEOs, and heads of business functions across EMEA, USA, Canada, LATAM and Asia Pacific. She later became the first Head of Diversity and Inclusion for the UK Bank.

She is a non-Executive director, a company member of UN Women UK, and has been named as one of the most influential D&I Leaders of 2020 in the Hive Learning List and one of the Top 50 Must Follow Black Female Entrepreneurs, Influencers and Speakers in 2020.


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  • Registration 
  • Opening – Setting the scene, intros, ground rules 
  • The Link Between Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion and Leading Inclusively
    • What is meant by diversity, equity, and inclusion
    • Why who you are is important
    • The key questions to be asked in respect of equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • Break
  • Why Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Matter in Business
    • Why you need both diversity and inclusion, not just diversity
    • Understanding your own business case of equity, diversity, and inclusion
    • Actions you can take to bring your business case to life
  • Lunch
  • The Characteristics You Need to Turn Up to Lead Inclusively
    • Exploring the answer to “what does an inclusive leader do to drive an inclusive workplace culture?
    • Analysing your inclusive performance and crafting a plan of action on how it can be improved
    • Identifying how assumptions can limit personal and team performance
  • Break
  • Demonstrating Inclusive Behaviours in Meetings
    • The power of the inclusive leader in leading inclusive meetings
    • Understanding the beneficial outcomes of an inclusive meeting
    • Why it’s important for a diverse range of voices to be heard
    • Role Play
  • The Importance of Psychological Safety and Inclusive Allyship to the Inclusive Leader
    • Exploring psychological safety and how to assess if you and your team have psychological safety
    • The importance of inclusive allyship and leadership privilege
    • A framework to proactively challenge the status quo
  • Action planning and close 
  • Public Sector Rate: £495.00+VAT
  • Private Sector Rate: £595.00+VAT
  • Voluntary Sector Rate: £445.00+VAT