Effective and timely feedback is critical to successful performance management. If done incorrectly it achieves nothing or makes matters worse. A manager who has the skills to deliver consistent feedback motivates and empowers employees, increases productivity and strengthens relationships.

Many people avoid providing feedback because they don’t feel confident in getting the results they need. They worry they’ll demotivate their employees or damage their working relationships. Yet giving feedback is a skill that can be learned and practised, based on straightforward concepts that can be adapted to ensure you get the right outcomes.

This course shows you how to build your feedback and communication skills to create productive conversations that actually work. You’ll become a manager who gives feedback with empathy and encourages everyone to fulfil their potential. What’s more, you’ll be the type of manager who won’t have to avoid difficult conversations or overcompensate when you have bad news to deliver.

We’ll cover scenarios that will feel familiar to every manager and you’ll be able to ask all the questions you need to enable you to tackle your own situations and further your development in this area.

Training Outcomes

  • Receive a three step and eight step framework you can use to immediately hold better feedback conversations
  • Learn how to minimise defensiveness in the other person
  • Understand what makes feedback successful and what are the traps to avoid?
  • Learn how to build accountability into the process so that the feedback is acted on
  • Discover words and phrases to help you address tricky situations
  • Receive practical ways to build your feedback skills as a manager
  • Ensure that feedback is a conversation, with opportunities to learn and coach, rather than a monologue
  • Use praise and recognition as a key motivator

Trainer Profile: Nicola Blackmore 

Nicola is an experienced and passionate Learning & Development professional, specialising in Management and Leadership Development.  She has worked in the Learning and Development field for over twenty years with a variety of organisations and was an operational manager before that, enabling her to truly understand what it takes to be a great manager – and how tough it can be!  Her focus is helping managers to prepare for, transition into and excel in their management roles.  Enabling them to understand themselves, their roles and their impact on others.

Nicola is driven by making a difference to others, helping them to be the best they can be.  She is practical and realistic and works to make training concepts relevant and accessible to everyone.  She is a creative training designer, always looking for new and exciting ways to engage learners in training content in both the classroom and virtual learning environments.  She has a strong belief that the most effective learning is experiential, flexible, challenging, memorable and fun.  Nicola is a qualified coach and experienced mentor and uses these skills everyday to help learners have the best possible outcomes and experience

  • Registration
  • Introductions & Why Feedback?
  • Session 1
    • Your course objectives
    • The feedback matrix: where does your organisation fit?
    • Feedback as a process
    • Exercise: what constitutes effective positive and constructive feedback?
  • Break
  • Session 2
    • How to approach giving feedback
    • Key dos and don’ts
    • A simple model
    • Exercise: the 8 step feedback model
  • Break
  • Session 3
    • Trip hazards: what to do when things go wrong
    • Why most people give praise ineffectively
    • How to use praise as a motivator
    • Your future actions
  • Trainer’s Summary and Close 

    *Programme subject to change

  • Online Fee: £249+VAT