Social media has transformed how people communicate. It has revolutionised how individuals consume information and interact with organisations such as councils, education bodies and many other public service providers.

For busy professionals, developing and implementing a social media strategy can be challenging, even before overcoming internal barriers such as scepticism, lack of resources and time. A key part of achieving organisation-wide success is proving value by measuring social media results and metrics.

How do you develop a strategic approach to social media in your organisation and achieve senior buy-in? How can you turn executives into advocates and begin to measure the real value of social media within an organisation?

Join this professional development training course to discover how to think strategically about social media and implement initiatives to ensure activity helps achieve marketing and communication goals, and support the objectives of your wider organisation.

  • Identify and overcome internal barriers to social media development
  • Learn how to develop effective social media strategies for your organisation
  • Measure social analytics and learn how to prove the value of social media activity in your organisations
  • Learn how social advocacy programmes can engage internal colleagues
  • Understand the importance of social customer service
  • Develop a social media action plan for future activity

“Great course, with a really good insight into Social Media.” – Michelle – North Kesteven District Council

TRAINER: Alistair Beech

Alistair is the Senior Social Media Coordinator at The University of Manchester, where he oversees the strategic direction of corporate channels and leads a hub of social media professionals across campus.

He is an experienced digital marketing and communications specialist with over ten years’ experience in public and private sector roles, including agency and in-house. Alistair has spent the last five years working in Higher Education and is a regular conference presenter and trainer. CIM-certified, he is a member of the Hootsuite Higher Education Customer Advisory Board.

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  • Registration
  • Introduction
    • Sharing introductions and discussing aims and objectives for the day
  • The Socially Mature Organisation and How Public Bodies Can Adapt to Change
    • Introduction to the social media maturity model and why it matters
    • How you can assess your social maturity and start to plan change
    • The road to transformation – why long-term ‘thinking’ and short-term ‘doing’ is key
    • The public sector problem – internal barriers, the lack of executive buy-in for social media and top tips and tactics to overcome them
  • Workshop: Identifying and Overcoming Internal Barriers to Development
    • Attendees will split into groups to identify 3 most common internal barriers to social media development within their organisations
  • Break
  • Have a Plan – How to Develop an Effective Social Media Strategy for Your Organisation
    • Why a strategic approach to social media is so important
    • What a social media strategy should include (and what it shouldn’t)
    • One size fits all? Introducing channel strategies
    • How to align social media to marketing and communications strategies
    • Producing results in line with your organisation’s objectives
  • Workshop: Developing Your Social Strategy
    • Attendees will work independently or in groups to review existing strategies or begin to draft one for their organisation.
  • Break
  • Social Analytics – measure what matters and start proving the value of social media
    • Why social analytics matter
    • Understanding analytics, what you should measure and why
    • How to use social analytics to make your content more effective
    • How analytics can help you gain executive buy-in, tell powerful stories internally and help develop your social media programme
  • Overview of Morning Content and Key Learnings 
  • Lunch
  • Group Discussion: Results from Online Polls 
    • Trainer to discuss poll findings with delegates and initiate discussion points based on common themes discussed in morning session
  • Social Advocacy – what is it and how to introduce a programme in your organisation
    • Identifying advocates and creating a programme that meets objectives
    • Tools and techniques to engage internal/staff advocates
    • Evaluating effectiveness of advocacy programmes
    • The importance of building a social media content pack and how to create one
  • Break
  • The importance of putting the social into your customer service
    • Why customer service on social media is so important to the public sector
    • The risks and opportunities of social customer service
    • Social customer service case study: The University of Manchester (@OfficialUoM)
    • Humans not Robots: How ‘being human’ online will revolutionise your social customer service


  • Workshop: Developing a Social Media Action Plan to Take Back to Your Organisation


  • Trainer’s Summary and Close 

    *Programme Subject to change

  • Public Sector Rate: £495.00+VAT
  • Private Sector Rate: £595.00+VAT
  • Voluntary Sector Rate: £445.00+VAT