This course will help you become someone people want to say yes to, who can ethically influence the people around you and ensure greater co-operation through consent.

Whether you have formal authority or not, your effectiveness at work depends on your ability to successfully influence others. No matter what your role is, life is easier when you find ways to get people on board with your ideas and ready to collaborate with your projects without having to be pushy or manipulative. Instead of having to chase people up on their commitments, you’ll get people following through with what they have agreed, because you’ve persuaded them fully from the start.

Regardless of your seniority and level of authority, your effectiveness in influencing and persuading in the workplace is incredibly important and can also be life-changing outside of work. Whether you’re negotiating the best rates from your suppliers or generating buy-in from colleagues to collaborate on your initiative and deliver results on time, this course will equip you with the skills to succeed.

Through interactive and practical exercises, this training course builds on the twin themes of making it easy for people to say yes and hard to say no. You’ll discover ways to structure your meetings to uncover the unspoken expectations of other people which can surface later to trip you up. You’ll learn different influencing styles and get the chance to see how you can improve your style by working through practical models and frameworks while understanding how they apply to your own situations at work.

Training Outcomes

  • Understand the process of persuasion, enabling you to build influence from the start, get people acting on your advice more rapidly and even influence other people on your behalf.
  • Learn how to pre-empt and diffuse objections whilst ensuring that you listen and adapt to others’ concerns
  • Discover your own influencing style and how that helps and hinders you, plus ways to flex and adapt that style to get the results you want

Trainer Profile: Jayne Constantinis 

Jayne has been in the communications business for 25 years. Her unique range of experience includes: live voice-over announcing on BBC television; live, in vision business reporting on BBC television; presenting corporate programmes for blue-chip companies; hosting and speaking at live events (conferences, awards ceremonies); moderating panels. For 20 years she has been running communication skills training for individuals and groups – C suite executives, lawyers, diplomats, consultants, Olympic athletes.

Her BBC TV series on Mexico was nominated for a BAFTA; voice over credits include Sony and AstraZeneca and she has written for Condé Nast Traveller and Good Housekeeping. She learned journalism at the London College of Printing; has an acting diploma from the Royal Academy of Music and a Modern Languages degree from Cambridge University. She started her working life in PR/branding agencies. More recently she delivered a TED talk for the Open University’s TEDx event.

  • Registration
  • Introductions
  • Session 1
    • The influencing skills mix
    • Benchmarking your skills
    • Confidence, Knowledge, Relationship matrix
    • Practical techniques for effective and efficient preperation
  • Break
  • Session 2
    • Communicating with clarity and impact (written and oral)
    • Face-to-face vs video/remote influencing
  • Lunch
  • Session 3
    • Managing nerves for maximum persuasion
    • Optimising your individual influencing/communication techniques
    • Persuasion exercise
    • Feedback and debrief
  • Break
  • Session 4
    • Make it hard to say NO and easy to say YES
    • Identifying and mitigating risk
    • Effectively dealing with objections upfront and in the moment
    • The RATIO technique for dealing with challenge
    • Assertive vs aggressive
    • The value of listening
  • Your Own Action Plan and Trainer’s Summary
  • Trainer’s Summary and Close

    *Programme Subject to change

  • Public Sector Rate: £495.00+VAT
  • Private Sector Rate: £595.00+VAT
  • Voluntary Sector Rate: £445.00+VAT