SmartPurse - Platinum Partners of The Financial Inclusion Conference 2024

The UK is at a significant crossroad in improving financial inclusion, especially considering the ongoing cost-of-living crisis. As of October 2023, the inflation rate for food stands at13.6%, prompting many UK households to report a rise in their cost of living compared to the previous year, according to the Office for National Statistics.

The current economic hurdles have heightened the financial vulnerability of numerous households, particularly those with lower incomes. ONS statistics from February 2023 found that: close to 40% of individuals saw their funds exhausted by the month’s end, and a concerning 24% were scraping by to cover basic needs.

This scenario loudly calls for a united front among local authorities, housing associations, and charities to chip away at financial exclusion and bolster financial resilience among the vulnerable segments of society.

  • 1 in 5 adults could manage living expenses for no more than a month should they experience a loss of income (Financial Inclusion Commission)
  • 22% of adults in the UK have a savings buffer of less than £100 (FIC)
  • 9 million adults in the UK express minimal or no confidence in managing their finances effectively (FCA)
  • In 2021, poverty affected 13.4 million individuals, of whom 7.9 million were working-age adults (JRF)

Join us at The Financial Inclusion Conference 2024 to foster vibrant dialogue, share actionable insights, and build a robust framework of strategies to ensure that financial services are accessible to all.

Whether it’s guiding towards effective debt management or providing insightful money advice, this conference is geared towards rallying local stakeholders and setting a solid foundation for a financially secure UK amidst these challenging economic times. You will also gain the opportunity to network with senior colleagues from across the sector.

Why Attend:

High-level keynotes detailing financial inclusion policies and strategies from leading experts in the sector

Case studies illuminating best practices in identifying and supporting financially excluded individuals and households, financial education, and more

Networking opportunities with colleagues from various sectors, working to alleviate financial exclusion

Gain 4 hours of CPD points towards your yearly quota

For more information or to make a booking please call 0330 058 4285

  • Online Registration

  • Chair’s Opening Remarks

    Dr Pål Vik, Senior Research Fellow, University of Salford (CONFIRMED)

  • Keynote: Overview of Financial Inclusion Policies to promote financial inclusion and resilience

    • Guidance on policies and strategies to mitigate financial exclusion and promote economic participation
    • The roadmap towards achieving an inclusive economy: sharing plans and overcoming obstacles
    • Assessing the impact of existing financial inclusion policies on local communities, particularly focusing on vulnerable populations and low-income households
    • Harnessing synergy between local authorities, housing associations, charities, and the Department of Treasury to enhance financial inclusion at all levels
    • Implementing strategies and government initiatives aimed at fostering financial literacy, improved access to financial services, and economic empowerment

    Mick McAteer, Co-Director, Financial Inclusion Centre (CONFIRMED)

  • Case Study: Customer understanding – The Worrying Picture and How Plain Numbers is Helping

    This presentation will look at challenges around supporting good customer understanding of key financial information. It will cover:

    • Poor numeracy as a customer vulnerability and barrier to financial inclusion
    • Research on customer understanding levels and Plain Numbers improvements
    • An introduction to the Plain Numbers Approach
    • Examples of the Approach in practice
    • How the Approach is being rolled out across organisations

    Ben Perkins, Director of Partnership & Services, Plain Numbers (CONFIRMED)

  • Empowering Financial Wellbeing: The SmartPurse Blueprint for Financial Inclusion and Education

    During this highly interactive and practical session we will focus on three core areas and key learnings from our practice

    • What role do employers play when it comes to employees’ financial wellbeing: what does success look like and what are the biggest pitfalls to avoid?
    • Financial wellbeing made easy: How to create effective and impactful initiatives  -practical examples, learnings and insights from 4 years of real projects and over 50’000 people trained
    • Making financial literacy a corporate advantage using an evidence based, data led approach

    Olga Miler, CEO & Co-Founder, SmartPurse Ltd (CONFIRMED)

    SmartPurse - Platinum Partners of The Financial Inclusion Conference 2024


  • Questions and Answers

  • Comfort Break

  • Breakout Networking: Navigating Financial Challenges through Cross-Sector Dialogues

    This session will provide you with the opportunity to discuss the main challenges you face in promoting financial inclusion and managing financial adversities within your communities. It’s a platform to share your experiences, learn from peers, and explore innovative solutions in a collaborative environment.

  • Case Study: Digital Exclusion and Financial Education

    • Uncovering the multifaceted nature of the cost-of-living crisis and its impact on different segments of the community
    • Targeted strategies to alleviate the immediate pressures of the cost-of-living crisis on vulnerable populations
    • Building robust support networks to provide essential services and financial guidance during economic downturns
    • Designing and implementing long-term solutions to enhance financial resilience and economic stability

    Matthew Greenwood, Head of Debt, Centre for Social Justice (CONFIRMED)

  • Case Study: Enhancing Food Security and Financial Resilience in Households

    • Designing and implementing a tool for improving food security among low-income families, including the distribution of recipe boxes with pre-weighed ingredients and nutritious recipes
    • Alleviating financial strain on families, contributing to better budget management and reduced food expenses, as evidenced by the positive feedback from participants
    • Measuring the broader implications of the service model in combatting food insecurity, with a focus on its role in supporting financially vulnerable populations during economic challenges
    • Expanding and adapting the model to further support financial inclusion and resilience in different communities across the UK

    Sarah Clay, CEO, Voices for Hope (CONFIRMED)

  • Case Study: Fostering Affordable Lending, A Strategy for Community Financial Health

    • Discussing the role and objectives of community banking in offering financial services at the grassroots level
    • Collaborating with the council, community banks, and other stakeholders in promoting financial inclusion, and the impact on the broader financial wellbeing of the community
    • Tackling financial exclusion by offering savings accounts and loans at lower costs, for individuals who struggle to access mainstream lending products
    • Producing community-centric financial solutions, such as the Family Loan, and tailoring products to provide responsible and affordable borrowing while promoting savings

    Phil Cole, CEO, Derbyshire Community Bank (CONFIRMED)

  • Questions and Answers

  • Chair’s Summary and Close

    *Programme subject to change


Who Should Attend

Who Should Attend?

This Conference is open to Public, Private and Third Sectors. Delegates who will have an interest in this event will be people who work in local government and other local organisations working in financial inclusion provision.

For more information or to make a booking please call 0330 058 4285


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