For the 2023-2024 academic year, the Government has increased funding rates for T Levels by 10%, to continue the national rollout of T Levels. This comes at an exciting time for providers as the range of subject areas available to students continues to grow year on year. Despite the potential for T Levels to further develop the UK’s technical and vocational further education, significant obstacles persist in implementing and delivering them effectively. Challenges such as securing industrial placements, preparing teachers to run new programmes, and effectively communicating the benefits to prospective students, have led to delays in the rollout of some courses. Now marks a crucial opportunity for further education providers to collaborate with employers and national experts to drive improvements in T level delivery and rollout.

  • 94% of learners completed a placement in 2021/22 according to provisional results from the Department for Education
  • 89% of digital T Level learners were male in 2022 according to Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education statistics
  • 20% of students dropped out of T levels courses in 2022/23, as reported by the Department for Education

Join us at The National T Levels Conference 2023 to hear from high-level keynote speakers and network with senior colleagues from across the sector, enabling you to develop and improve strategies to deliver T Levels. You will also learn from leading best practice case studies, addressing key challenges including supporting student wellbeing, improving course curriculum, and marketing T Levels to students, parents, and employers.

Why Attend:

High-level keynotes from leading organisations on the latest guidance and advice for professionals in the sector

Case studies showcasing best practice in getting the most for students and staff out of T Levels

A wide range of topics including strengthening staff development, securing industry placements and stimulating student demand for T Levels

Networking with speakers and senior colleagues

8 CPD points towards your yearly quota



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  • Online Registration

  • Chair’s Welcome Address

    Richard Bartlett, Head of Development & Operations, Leeds City Council (CONFIRMED)

  • Keynote: Transforming Technical Education: Strategies for Implementing and Rolling Out T Levels

    • Updates on the latest Government T-Levels funding to schools and colleges to support new course rollouts
    • Outlining the Government’s T Level Action Plan 2022-2023: overcoming challenges to delivering courses
    • Guidance on preparing for the full rollout of T Levels beyond 2024: meeting demand while ensuring quality
    • Strategies for managing T Level implementation and development costs while maintaining a high-quality curriculum

    Nickolas Scarlett, Head of T Levels Policy, Department for Education (CONFIRMED)

  • Keynote: Building Employability: Using T Levels to Fill the Workforce Skills Gap

    • Insights into how T-Levels fit into the broader landscape of further education and career development
    • Innovative ways to effectively showcase key skills developed in the curriculum to employers and increase placements
    • Tips for identifying immediate skill gaps in placement industries that can be filled with hands-on in-house training
    • Engaging with employers to find out their workforce needs and incorporate the skills into courses

    Pamela Rahman, Associate Director TE Implementation & Delivery, Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (CONFIRMED)

  • Case Study: Making the Business Case for T Levels and Securing Successful Work Placement

    • Promoting T Level placements to teams within the Council
    • Building on established relationships to develop T Level pathways alongside apprenticeships
    • Strengthening links with local partner organisations to enrich placements
    • Supporting T Levels students in the workplace

    Libby Megson, Deputy Head of HR  & Rachael Dearns, HR Business Partner, Leeds City Council (CONFIRMED)

  • Questions and Answers

  • Comfort Break

  • Breakout Networking: Overcoming Common Challenges in Building Curriculums for T Levels Courses

    This session will provide you with the opportunity to discuss the main challenges you face in developing T Level curriculums. Learn about innovative solutions and initiatives trialled by peers to ensure high-quality programmes.

  • Case Study: Practical Course Building: Engaging with Employers to Plan Effective T Level Curriculums

    • Identifying industry needs and embedding them into the development of T Level curriculums
    • Tips for using data from tracking assessment results to identify areas for improvement and refine T Levels delivery
    • Collaborating with placement partners to ensure theory and practice of the curriculum are closely linked throughout
    • Identifying the skills employers want courses to build and how to develop them into a full curriculum

    Louise Rowley, Vice Principal, Bridgwater & Taunton College (CONFIRMED)

  • Case Study: Developing Strategies To Gain Staff Buy-In and Enthusiasm for Teaching T Levels

    • Key insights into aligning staff development with delivering T Levels courses
    • Identifying key skill gaps in staff and tailoring upskilling programmes to address them
    • Developing strategies to gain staff buy-in and enthusiasm for teaching T Levels
    • Engaging with placement partners to ensure staff are equipped with relevant skills and knowledge

    Lee Hunt MBE, Deputy Principal, Newbury College (CONFIRMED)

  • Case Study: Designing Effective implementation Plans of T Levels for Providers

    Joanne Philpott, Vice Principal,  Curriculum Delivery and Technical Innovation and Sandra Bull, Assistant Principal, Curriculum and T levels, Weston College (CONFIRMED)

  • Case Study: Using T Levels to Improve the Social Mobility of Disadvantaged Students

    • Supporting T Level students who have not yet met minimum English and maths requirements
    • Strategies to help T Level students starting at 18 to access the additional hours needed for larger courses
    • Developing soft workplace skills into curriculums and placements to increase preparedness for workplaces
    • Guidance for helping disadvantaged students form connections with employers to increase long term employability

    Linden Wale, Curriculum Leader for Digital, Dudley College (CONFIRMED)

  • Question and Answers

  • Chair’s Closing Remarks

    *programme subject to change without notice


Who Should Attend

Who Should Attend?

Delegates who will have an interest in this event will be people who work in further education focused on technical education.

*This Conference is open to Public, Private and Third Sectors

For more information or to make a booking please call 0330 058 4285


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Your delegate place at this leading conference gives you access to all of the following including 12-months FREE access to GE Insights (RRP £199), our cross-sector learning resource, and the easiest way for you to prepare for the conference and then stay engaged all year with the ongoing discussions and best practice:

✓ High Level Keynotes

✓ Case Studies Showcasing Best Practice

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✓ Q&A

✓ 8 Hours of CPD

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✓ 12-Months FREE Access to GE Insights (RRP £199)

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