Two decades after Emma Caldwell’s tragic murder, sex workers still face pervasive violence, healthcare disparities, and societal stigma. Alarmingly, nearly half of sex workers express ongoing safety concerns (Prostitutes Collective, 2021). To address these challenges, the National Police Chief’s Council released updated sex work guidance in February 2024, aiming to improve law enforcement responses to crimes against sex workers. Ensuring equitable representation and access to public services for sex workers remains crucial for building a fairer and more inclusive UK.

  • 49% of online sex-workers in the UK were unconfident that police would take reports of violence against them seriously, as reported by a case study from a group of UK based academics
  •  42% of street-based sex workers had experienced violence from the police, according to the English Collective of Prostitutes (2021)
  •   43% of women and 28% of men disagree that sex work should be treated as a real job, You Gov (2024)

Join us at the Working in Partnership to Support Sex Workers Conference 2024 to delve into crucial discussions on safeguarding sex workers. Esteemed speakers will share expert insights on implementing effective strategies for ensuring the safety and well-being of sex workers. Engage with high-level keynotes offering invaluable perspectives on safeguarding practices, followed by illuminating case studies showcasing exemplary approaches. Topics will include creating supportive environments, establishing robust safety protocols, and advocating for the rights and protection of sex workers. Don’t miss the opportunity to network and share experiences with other senior professionals dedicated to promoting the safety and empowerment of sex workers.

Why Attend:

  •  Expert Insights: Gain access to expert insights and research findings regarding the ongoing challenges faced by sex workers in the UK including violence, healthcare disparities, and societal stigma.
  • Policy Updates: Learn about the latest developments in policy, including the National Police Chief’s Council’s updated sex work guidance, aimed at improving law enforcement responses to crimes against sex workers
  • Addressing Systemic Issues: Explore strategies to address systemic issues such as societal stigma and disparities in access to public services
  • Networking and Collaboration: Connect with like-minded individuals, advocates, policymakers, and researchers to collaborate on solutions and advocacy efforts aimed at improving the safety, well-being, and rights of sex workers in the UK.
  • Hybrid for Support for Sex Workers: Develop and implement hybrid support models that combine in-person and virtual resources to cater to diverse needs and preferences within the sex work community.


  • Online Registration

  • Chair’s Opening Remarks:

    Dr Lilith Brouwers, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, University of Leeds (invited)

  • Keynote: Safeguarding Sex Workers from Harm and Abuse: Opening Pathways to Help

     Abstract: This keynote session aims to explore pathways for sex workers to access help and support, focusing on safeguarding them from harm and abuse. It will discuss strategies, resources, and initiatives aimed at creating safe environments and empowering sex workers to seek assistance.

    • Creating easily accessible reporting mechanisms that help sex workers to come forward and report abuse
    • Multi-agency approaches to providing justice and protection for sex workers to deliver holistic support
    • Insights into utilising lived experience to inform policy and processes on how to support sex workers
    • Providing trauma-informed safeguarding training to staff in order to best protect sex workers who have experienced abuse

    Dr Raven Brown, CEO, National Ugly Mugs (invited)

  • Keynote: Tackling Survival Sex: Creating Alternative Routes Out of Destitution

    Abstract: This keynote explores innovative strategies, community collaborations and policy interventions aimed at addressing the root causes of survival sex and empowering individuals to access alternative means of support. Attendees will gain insights into practical approaches and challenges in creating sustainable solutions to combat survival sex

    • Strategies for supporting women forced into sex work to access support and available resources
    • Understanding the needs of sex workers looking to leave the industry to make a successful and safe transition into alternate work
    • Guidance on challenging stigma around exiting sex work and creating exit plans with sex workers
    • Delivering a person-centred and trauma informed approach to help those unwillingly working in the sex-industry

    Helena Croft MBE, CEO, Streetlights UK (CONFIRMED)

  • Key Supporter Session

  • Questions and Answers

  • Comfort Break

  • Lived Experience: Providing Support for Sex Workers During the Cost-of-Living Crisis

    Abstract: This lived experience session will explore support initiatives for sex workers during the cost-of-living crisis. It showcases effective strategies and community-driven efforts to mitigate economic challenges and promote resilience.

    • Strategies for rolling out emergency financial support to sex workers struggling amidst the cost-of-living crisis
    • Guidance on partnership working with other sex-worker led and serving organisations across the UK to improve community ties and resilience
    • Upskilling frontline staff to provide specialist support to a diverse range of sex worker needs and requirements
    • Amplifying the voices of sex workers to improve the services and support offered to them

    Iris, Hookers for Hardship & English Collective of Prostitutes (invited)

  • Case Study: Delivering Accessible Healthcare to Sex Workers Through Multi-Agency Working’

    Abstract: This case study examines the collaborative efforts across sectors to enhance healthcare accessibility for sex workers. It delves into innovative strategies and partnerships aimed at overcoming barriers and ensuring inclusive healthcare services. Attendees will gain insights into successful cross-sector initiatives and practical approaches to address the unique healthcare needs of sex workers.

    • Overcoming common misconceptions of sex workers: tackling stigma in order to understand their healthcare requirements
    • Guidance for establishing a multi-agency model to protect and support sex workers in gaining access to sexual health services
    • Chaperoning vulnerable sex workers into clinics and signposting for easy access to healthcare services
    • Upskilling healthcare staff: expanding knowledge on the sex industry and healthcare challenges and priorities for sex workers

    Aine Kerrisk, Care co-ordination, SASH (invited)

  • Case Study: Providing a Safe Space for Sex Workers by Rolling-out Mental Health Support Services

    Abstract: This case study explores the provision of mental health support services tailored for sex workers, emphasising the creation of safe spaces. Attendees will gain insights into effective strategies for offering accessible and stigma-free mental health support as well as fostering resilience and well-being among sex workers in a safe and supportive environment.


    • Strategies for rolling-out and running a successful sex worker counselling service to provide therapeutic support
    • Empowering sex workers by providing them with tools, resources and skills to make informed choices about their work
    • Supporting sex workers navigating the criminal justice system to improve legal outcomes and rehabilitation
    • Delivering a round the clock support service to help sex workers affected by sexual violence and experiencing crisis

    Beth McKay, Senior Practitioner, Doorway Women’s Services (invited)

  • Questions and Answers

  • Lunch Break

  • Keynote: Key Insights from the Latest Sex Work National Police Guidance

     Abstract: This conference session will present the latest updates from the February 2024 National Police Guidance on Sex Work. Attendees will gain insights into updated strategies, policies, and approaches employed by law enforcement.

    • Best-practice guidance for community teams and front-line police officers when responding to crimes against sex workers
    • Strategies for building trust and confidence between sex workers and the police to better address exploitation
    • Adopting a victim-focussed approach and implementing guidelines for tackling the most serious offences
    • Training officers to deal with crimes against sex workers online and potential internet harassment

    Dan Vajzovic, Chief Constable, National Police Chiefs Council Sex Working Group (invited)

  • Case Study: Improving Police-Community Collaboration and Training to Protect Sex Workers

    Abstract: This case-study examines effective strategies and protocols for safeguarding the rights and well-being of sex workers encountered by law enforcement. Attendees will gain valuable insights into practical approaches, training methods, and community engagement initiatives that promote a more supportive and rights-conscious approach to policing within the sex worker context.

    • Best-practices for educating police officers about the health risks sex workers may face to dissolve stigma within the service.
    • Recommendations for training student officers around the sex trade industry and ensuring they know which police officer is their point of contact.
    • Strategies for police officers and front-line workers to reduce risk when protecting sex workers.
    • Developing long-term relationships between the police and outreach workers to provide better support for sex workers and share concerns and up to date information.

    Officer Fairbanks, Police Community Support Officer, Humberside Police (CONFIRMED)

  • Key Supporter Session

  • Questions & Answers

  • Breakout Networking: Beyond Stigma: Building Bridges with Sex Worker Communities

     This session will provide you with the opportunity to discuss the main challenges you face in engaging with sex workers and challenging stigma as part of harm prevention and outreach efforts. We invite you to share your experiences and encourage cross sector collaboration.

  • Comfort Break

  • Case Study: Providing Wrap-Around Support for Migrant Sex Workers

    Abstract: This case study examines community-driven initiatives, legal frameworks, and outreach programs designed to provide assistance and protection to migrant individuals engaged in sex work. Attendees will gain insights into effective approaches for ensuring the rights, safety, and well-being of migrant sex workers, fostering inclusivity and empowerment within this population.

    • Strategies for rolling out translation services to migrants who have turned to sex work in the UK
    • Delivering legal training to ensure staff maintain an up-to-date understanding of the law around migration, sex work, policing and sex working etiquette
    • Guidance on spotting victims of trafficking and offering support and access to specialist accommodation for victims
    • Best-practice multi-organisation approaches to speaking on behalf of sex workers with the police

    Rebekah, Service Delivery Manager, Basis Yorkshire (invited)

  • Case Study: Rolling Out the Horizon Service: Supporting Sex Workers on the Street and Online

    Abstract: During this session attendees will gain insights into how to effectively implement and tailor support to sex workers, as well as employing a hybrid approach to assist sex workers with traditional and digital resources.

    • Advice on rolling-out a specialist service that provides aid to sex-workers on in-person and on the internet
    • Integrating a substance abuse support programme into the Horizon service for the most vulnerable sex workers
    • The Big Sexy Bus facility: guidance on developing a pop-up testing clinic
    • Creating a single point of access for multi-agency support to sex workers

    Shelley Mullarkey, Chief Operating Director, Renaissance (CONFIRMED)

  • Questions and Answers

  • Chair’s Closing Remarks (10 minutes)

    *programme subject to change without notice

Who Should Attend

Who Should Attend:

  • Law Enforcement Professionals
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Social Workers and Support Workers
  • Community organisations and Nonprofits
  • Voluntary sector professionals associated with helping sex workers


Who Should Attend?

Delegates who will have an interest in this event will be people who work to support sex workers in any capacity

*This Conference is open to Public, Private and Third Sectors

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