In 2016, the School Partnership Trust Academies (SPTA) which sponsored 44 academies across Yorkshire and Humber was rebranded as the Delta Academies Trust, due to its failing status. It was bearing the burden of debt and poor governance.

Paul Tarn is the Chief Executive and Accounting Officer of Delta Academies Trust. In February 2016 the Trust had a projected deficit for 2017/18 of £8.6m. The Trust has made very rapid improvements and is now recognised nationally as one of the top three very high performing large sponsors. 

In 2019-20, the trust moved an additional £5.7m from revenue to capital and yet still had a very large surplus. In this session from The Academy Funding and Finance Conference, 2021, Paul shared the recovery strategy of the Delta Academies Trust, as well as the financial impact of the restructure.

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The Delta Academies Trust took over the failing School Partnership Trust Academies in 2016. Paul Tarn, Chief Executive Officer shared the recovery strategy of the Delta Trust and the financial impact of the rebranding.

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