Covid-19 posed a challenge to Clinical Audit as clinical settings had to shift their focus. The Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP) was tasked with measuring the impact of Covid-19 on Clinical Audit.

Professor Danny Keenan is Medical Director HQIP. They have a great interest in the use of information to drive improvement in care. Professor Keenan is at the forefront of national clinical audit and using them to drive local improvement.

During his time as Medical Director at HQIP, the programme has moved ahead to have a greater impact both in the domain of quality assurance and quality improvement. The national reports are coming out in shorter time scales, with clearer summaries and implicit recommendations.

In this session from The National Clinical Audit Event 2021: Driving Quality Improvement in Patient Care, Professor Keenan presented the vision of HQIP, the impact of Covid-19 on Clinical Audit, and HQIP’s efforts to rejuvenate and reimagine audits after the pandemic.

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The Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP) were tasked with maintaining and improving Clinical Audit during the pandemic. Professor Danny Keenan, a Medical Director at HQIP discussed their strategy and the key challenges that they faced.

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