With the UK facing increasing economic uncertainties, the voluntary sector are likely to face an increase in service demand, charities therefore need to prioritise embedding safeguarding policies and procedures to protect staff and service users.

Jane Hinchliffe is the Safeguarding Coordinator and Sophie Hailwood is the Operations Director for Touchstone. Touchstone is a charity that provides mental health and wellbeing services to over 10,000 people across Yorkshire every year whilst also working across communities to grow their confidence and capacity to demand the services and positive experiences they are entitled to.

In this video, Touchstone discusses the importance of co-producing safeguarding resources and procedures with service users to ensure staff and service users safeguarding needs are met. They further explore the need to build trust with service users, including them in safeguarding advisory groups to understand what is needed to make resources more accessible.

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Increasingly UK charities are facing the need to manage and escalate numerous safeguarding concerns for both staff and service users. In this video, Touchstone share the importance of co-producing safeguarding procedures with service users to ensure all resources are accessible and that the procedures meet any needs they have.

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