10 million people in the UK lack basic digitals, and 1.5 million households do not have access to the internet, according to Good Things Foundation.

Grace Clark is a Service Manager within the Prevention and Early Intervention Service at Cambridgeshire County Council. She is a qualified social worker with 10 years of experience in adult social care and manages the Adult Early Help, Technology Enabled Care and Sensory Service teams.

In this video, Grace shares how digital tools and technology-enabled care can increase the independence of adults with learning difficulties. She sheds light on engaging with service users to co-produce the TECHknow Programme designed to improve digital inclusion.  

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Digitalisation is often seen as a positive modernising and cost-saving process. As public sector services increasingly move online, certain groups of society are at risk of being left behind. Grace Clark, Service Manager at Cambridgeshire County Council, shares insights into creating accessible online platforms for adults with learning disabilities to help increase their independence.

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