Curious Minds was established in 2009 to deliver Arts Council England’s Creative Partnerships programme across Lancashire and Merseyside.

Curious Minds believe that cultural education is equally as important for children as academic education. Therefore, they have developed several training programmes for teachers to become cultural education leaders.

Derri Burdonis Chief Executive of Curious Minds. She is a former teacher and Head of Enrichment for Learning at Bolton Council, where she led Bolton’s Find Your Talent pathfinder. Her key expertise is in school improvement, extra-curricular learning, bid writing and strategic programme design. She sits on the Cultural Learning Alliance’s Strategic Group, is a school governor and is Co-chair of Blaze Arts.

In this session fromThe Delivering Excellence in Teaching Arts in Schools Conference, 2021, Derri shared the training programmes offered by Curious Minds which put teachers on track to becoming leaders in cultural education. They discussed the benefits to both students and teachers of earning this accolade.

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Curious Minds have made it their mission to train teachers . We heard from Derri Burdon, Chief Executive of Curious Minds who discussed the wealth of training programmes on offer for teachers wanting to become cultural education leaders.

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