One in four library staff believe numerous local library branches will close in the next two years, according to a survey conducted by Libraries Connected.

Krystal Vitters is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Suffolk Libraries. She joined Suffolk Libraries in 2014, moving from the Education sector where she was a school librarian. At Suffolk Libraries she oversees the service’s major contracts and is involved in guiding many of the libraries’ partnership projects.

In this video, Krystal discusses how Suffolk Libraries are working with young people in the area to create engaging opportunities for them to be involved with the library. She shares how youth involvement has created diverse workforces and voluntary groups, making the libraries more appealing to a younger audience.

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Libraries need to engage a younger and more diverse audience to add value to community services and establish the visitors of the future. Krystal Vitters is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer for Suffolk Libraries discusses the importance of engaging young people in library services and the engaging opportunities that have been created for them in Suffolk Libraries.

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