The university application process is an anxious time for prospective students. The uncertainty caused by the closure of schools and colleges and the cancellation of exams during the pandemic heightened this.

At the peak of Covid-19 nervousness, 25% of applicants were thinking of deferring. However, overall university applications rose during the lockdown.

Andy Frampton is Customer Success Director at UCAS, responsible for ensuring the business delivers excellent customer service to its provider customers.

Mike Adams is Principal Insight Consultant at UCAS. Building partnerships between Universities, the UCAS Insight team, and Client Success Directors, he helps universities develop their strategic planning through data-driven decision making.

Andy and Mike both spoke at the HEFE Marketing 2021 conference, discussing the effect of Covid-19 on UCAS admissions. They talked about the applications landscape both prior to and at the height of the pandemic, as well as plans for the future of university applications.

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UCAS saw university applications rise during the height of the pandemic, up 1.6% from 2019. Andy Frampton and Mike Adams of UCAS shared their insights on the impact of Covid-19, as well as their forecast for the future of admissions.

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