In 2019, the UK Government pledged to end rough sleeping through the Housing First initiative, which provides adults experiencing or at risk of homelessness, and those with chronic health needs, with a stable home from which they can rebuild their lives. Person-centred, holistic support is provided to the individual, helping them to move from the street to permanent housing.

The Government committed £28 million to sponsor 3 pilot schemes in the West Midlands, Liverpool City Region, and Greater Manchester. We spoke to Mike Hughes, Project Manager for the Greater Manchester Housing First Pilot Scheme, about how the 3-year pilot scheme was developed to support over 300 people into secure housing. Mike shared some of the lessons learned and challenges they faced when implementing the scheme, highlighting the importance of partnership working when delivering Housing First.

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In 2019, the UK Government pledged £28 million to launch 3 Housing First Pilots as part of a strategy to end rough sleeping by 2027. Mike Hughes, Project Manager of Greater Manchester Housing First, shared with us how the Housing First Pilot has been able to rehouse over 300 people who were homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

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