T Levels can improve student opportunities and provide them with useful skills that help them as they move into the working world. The diplomas offer students an opportunity to experience education in a more practical setting. This article by Ruth Coyle, Director of Learning at La Retraite Roman Catholic Girls School discusses how they have prepared staff for the introduction of the T Level in Construction, Design and Planning in September 2022. The course will provide learning opportunities for young women aspiring to be architects or civil engineers.

We are delighted to be introducing the T Level in Construction, Design and Planning to La Retraite sixth form in September 2022

In preparation for this qualification, we are very grateful to Karen Vigar at ISG who has worked with us to promote this course and introduce the ISG Diploma in Construction at La Retraite 6.

Design Engineer Construct have given us amazing support by introducing us to Grainger and Transport For London who have both hosted visits for our students and given them work experience opportunities.

The Education and Training Foundation have offered industry placements to our staff in order to prepare them to deliver this course. We are also very grateful to the Canary Wharf Group for hosting one of our teachers on an industry placement to facilitate this preparation.

This year we will mark international women’s day with an inspiring female speaker in the construction industry Jean Duprez.

We are inspiring the next generation of female leaders in Construction by adapting our Key Stage 3 curriculum to encourage our young women to develop the necessary skills for this industry.

The DFE have awarded us over £3m for a new T Level building that will house specialist equipment for the Construction T Level and we are delighted to announce that Wates wants to work with us to develop the curriculum and provide industry placements for the students.

This is a fabulous course for aspiring Architects, Civil Engineers and Project Managers.

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T Levels provide students with an alternative qualification to A Levels and can help students get into skilled employment and higher education. We heard from the Director of Learning at La Retraite Sixth form about how they are working to introduce a Construction T Level to the curriculum.

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