We’re delighted to welcome Michael Kill as a content contributor for MyGovCentral.

With several decades of experience working within independent, corporate and public sector environments at executive level, Michael specialises in Marketing, Operations, Licensing, Logistics and System Implementation. With significant senior management roles within Luminar Leisure Plc, The Drinks Group and the University of East Anglia, and now as the Chief Executive of the Night Time Industries Association, he has been exposed to a considerable range of businesses within the night time economy business sector.

Michael has been involved within many high level initiatives both within local and national government, alongside key stakeholders. Many of his roles within this industry have involved the facilitation of best practice for independent’s and multi site operators of venues, bars and pubs, with more recent experiences working very closely with festivals and live venues in shaping operational efficiencies and best practice on a regional level in conjunction with the Police and Local Authorities.

Within his role as Commercial Director at the University of East Anglia, Michael was seconded to the Central Office of National Union of Students (NUS) where he was responsible for the restructuring of their Procurement Strategy for all licensed premises for their University retail sites across the country.

Michael has been responsible for several multi business procurement contracts with international retail suppliers which have generated circa £50M plus in listing merchandise and retrospective agreements.  He has also been fundamental to the roll out of a national music event strategy for the largest late night entertainment multi venue operator in Europe. 

Michael has worked closely with a considerable number of artists and music brands in developing bespoke shows for both stand alone events and larger scale festivals across the UK and still maintains a strong relationship and excellent reputation within the industry as an operator, promoter and procurement specialist.

Michael spoke at the Government Events’ The Local Night-Time Economies Conference 2022 on Kickstarting the Night-Time Economy After Covid-19, sharing insights into providing flexible support to businesses.

You will be able to watch Michael’s session, here on MyGovCentral very soon. Plus, as a Content Contributor, over the next 12-months Michael will be expanding on the key themes discussed during the conference and across other areas of his work, which you’ll only be able to access on MyGovCentral.

Find out more about Michael Kill:
Web: www.ntia.co.uk
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/michael-kill-87580a24
Twitter: MickKill

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We're delighted to welcome Michael Kill, as a content contributor for MyGovCentral. Michael is the Chief Executive of the Night Time Industries Association and will be sharing insights into providing flexible support to businesses in the night-time economy.

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