The Alzheimer’s Society reported there are almost 900,000 people in the UK living with dementia, 3% of these people are from BAME communities and two-thirds are women.

Jan Oyebode is a Professor of Dementia Care at the University of Bradford. Her current research focuses on how the impact of dementia is influenced by diversity, whether it’s their diagnosis, age of onset, or ethnicity, among others. Jane led the post-diagnostic workstream of The Angela Project on young-onset dementia and is a member of the Young Dementia Network national steering committee.

In this video, Jan shares how outcomes vary among persons living with dementia and provides insights into the support needed for the different groups, with an emphasis on person-centred care.

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With almost 900,000 living with Dementia in the UK, and projections this will rise to 1.6 million by 2040, the need to improve dementia care services is high. We heard from Jan Oyebode, Chair in Dementia Care at the University of Bradford about the importance of developing a more personalised approach to patient care in dementia care services.

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