The rapid change to remote working posed challenges to the workforce and employers. Employers were tasked with ensuring that their employees had adequate resources to do their jobs properly and employees had to mentally adjust to a new way of working.

Jonny Gifford is a Senior Adviser for Organisational Behaviour at the CIPD. He has been conducting applied research in the field of employment and people management for over 15 years.

Jonny’s interests include job quality, workplace conflict, and behavioural science insights into core HR areas such as recruitment, reward, performance management, ethical behaviour and wellbeing. They direct the CIPD’s annual Applied Research Conference and leads the CIPD’s work on evidence-based practice.

In this session from The Reshaping the Workplace Post Covid-19: Managing Change and Creating a Safe Working Environment, Jonny discussed the importance of work/ life balance, the impact of digital working on mental wellbeing and the effective ways of maintaining happy and healthy virtual teams.

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Many workers struggled to adapt to a remote working environment – with reports of loneliness and isolation. Jonny Gifford from the CIPD shared their insights into promoting mental wellbeing during a time of remote working and hybrid working.

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