27,000 children in the UK are at risk of being exploited by gangs, according to a recent investigation conducted by the Children’s Commissioner.

Francis Osei Appiah is the Founder and CEO of the charity Reform Restore Respect and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead at West Heath School. Reform Restore Respect works in partnership with schools, social workers, probation teams and police forces to support young people who are at risk of offending or re-offending.

In this video, Francis discusses engagement signs and indicators of youths involved in gang crime and ways to support them away from offending. Using his own experiences, he highlights the importance of a coordinated approach between services to help young people find pathways away from gang crime.

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According to an investigation conducted by the Children’s Commissioner, 27,000 children in the UK at risk of gang exploitation and have not been identified by formal services. Francis Osei-Appiah, Founder and CEO of Reform Restore Respect shares some of the indicators of criminal exploitation and how services need to create a more joined up approach to help youth exit gangs.

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