The pandemic forced colleges to postpone the industry placements required for 16- and 17-year-olds to complete their T Levels. Additionally, there was low awareness of the T Levels brand prior to Covid-19 which has meant that a relaunching of the qualifications is required.

Stella Pearson is Deputy Director of T Levels Delivery at the Department for Education. Stella has spent the past 3.5 years working on T Levels, initially focusing on the provider rollout strategy and support, now working as Deputy Director for the wider programme.

Stella spoke at our T Levels 2021 conference, sharing the DFE’s recovery strategy for T Levels. Her presentation provided an overview of the structure of T Levels, followed by the campaigns that are in place to renew interest in the courses.

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Covid-19 has severely impacted the education of young people, including the roll out of Further Education qualifications such as T Levels. Stella Pearson from the Department for Education shares the recovery plan for T Levels as well as an overview of the structure of the qualifications.

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