There was a frightening increase in cases of domestic violence during lockdowns. Leaders of the charities that support abuse victims are working harder than ever to develop new projects and strategies to mitigate harm against people in their own homes.

Sally Steadman-South is Senior Innovation Lead at SafeLives. She has worked at SafeLives since 2007 and her career to date has been dedicated to improving responses to domestic abuse.  She has been involved in a range of national projects such as creating the MARAC process, implementing the SafeLives Dash and the DfE funded Young People’s Programme, which addressed interpersonal abuse young people experience  She has recently been leading on Staying Safe at Home, SafeLives’ Covid-19 response and is now lead for the Your Best Friend project – a project to empower young women and girls with the right knowledge and confidence to be able to talk to their friends and peers about abuse and harm.

Libby Drew is a journalist and the Director of On Our Radar, an interdisciplinary network working together to document the experiences of abuse survivors and marginalised communities. Libby is part of the team working on Draw the Line, an interactive mobile platform that centres on young people’s experiences of toxic relationships.  In this video, Sally and Libby discuss their partnership projects including Your Best Friend and Draw the Line. And highlight the excellent work that has come as a result of effective partnership working between charities.

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With cases of domestic abuse rising during the pandemic, charities have been working hard to support victims, and prevent abuse occurring again. Sally Steadman-South from SafeLives and Libby Drew from On Our Radar worked collaboratively to create new projects that respond to the impact of the pandemic, seeking to supporting vulnerable women and girls.

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