Between 2018-2020, students in England were over three times more likely than average to have experienced sexual assault according to the Office for National Statistics.

Dr Penny Turnbull is the Assistant Director of Student Services at the University of St Andrews. She works alongside Kara Stewart, Coordinator at GotConsent and Leonor Capelier, Intern at Stand Together. GotConsent is a student-led initiative at the University of St Andrews designed to raise awareness of sexual misconduct, educate students in bystander intervention and support survivors.

In this video, Penny, Kara and Leonor share how the GotConsent workshops have been co-produced with Police Scotland and students to deliver safe and inclusive support on campus. They discuss how the programme has developed into an online format and has been included as part of the matriculation process to increase awareness of consent across the university.

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Between March 2018- and March 2020, students in England were over three times more likely than average to have experienced sexual assault. In this video, Dr Penny Turnbull, Assistant Director of Student Services, Kara Stewart, GotConsent Coordinator and Leonor Capelier, StaAnd Together Intern discuss how consent workshops delivered at have been developed at the University of St Andrews. These workshops have been developed with students and were adapted to meet the demands of online learning in addition to individual student needs.

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