Speaker Presentations: Supporting and Engaging Women in STEM in Higher Education

Thank you for attending Supporting and Engaging Women in STEM in Higher Education.

We hope you found the day informative and interesting. You can download the speaker presentations after the event from this page. Please bookmark or otherwise save this page so that you are able to return.

Sophie Chadwick, Events Executive, Presenter and Facilitator, STEM Women and STEM Graduates

Rachel Beddoes, Girls’ Participation Coordinator, Employer Liaison & Careers Lead, Mathematics in Education and Industry

Professor Sarah Hainsworth OBE FREng, Chair of Diversity and Inclusion Committee, Royal Academy of Engineering and Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Science, Aston University

Elizabeth Donnelly MSc FRSA MRAeS MINCOSE, Chief Executive Officer, Women’s Engineering Society (WES)

Katherine Watson, Outreach Expert, WISE

Charlotte Ajomale-Evans, Chair, Swansea University BAME Student in Engineering Network

Dr Helen Coulshed, Chair, Faculty of Natural & Mathematical Sciences Equality and Diversity Committee, King’s College London, Lecturer in Chemical Education and Outreach Lead, Department of Chemistry, King’s College London

Joanna Glenfield, Project Officer – Careerwise, Equate Scotland

Professor Sue Black, Principal Investigator, TechUp Women and Professor of Computer Science, University of Durham

You can find recordings of the event sessions here: 

Morning Session 1 – Sophie Chadwick, Rachel Beddoes and Professor Sarah Hainsworth OBE FREng – Presentations start at 8 mins 21 secs

Morning Session 2 – Elizabeth Donnelly MSc FRSA MRAeS MINCOSE and Katherine Watson – Presentations start at 8 mins 25 secs

Afternoon Session 1 – Charlotte Ajomale-Evans and Dr Helen Coulshed – Presentations start at 6 mins 36 secs

Afternoon Session 2 – Joanna Glenfield and Professor Sue Black – Presentations start at 6 mins 50 secs

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