Speaker Presentations: The Digital Policing Conference 2021

Thank you for attending The Digital Policing Conference 2021.

We hope you found the day informative and interesting. You can download the speaker presentations after the event from this page. Please bookmark or otherwise save this page so that you are able to return.

Alex Bowen, Director of Delivery, Police Digital Service 

Fiona James, Deputy Director of Digital, Crown Prosecution Service

Rakesh Gusain, Director, BPM-D

Peter Arnold, Regional Scientific Support Services Head of Operations, West Yorkshire Police

Professor Mike Nellis, Emeritus Professor of Criminal and Community Justice, University of Strathclyde

David Tucker, Faculty Lead for Crime and Criminal Justice, College of Policing 

The North East Cyber Protect Network

Alan Hill and Julian Kaine, Splunk 

Superintendent Matthew Tite, Lead for NDAS, West Midlands Police and Mandeep Dhensa, Accenture

Additional resources:

Police Digital Service – harnessing the power of digital, data and technology to protect communities video

North East Cyber Protect Network Service Catalogue

You can find recordings of the event sessions here: 

Morning Session 1 – Tom McNeil, Alex Bowen, Fiona James and Rakesh Gusain – Presentations start at 8 mins 20 secs

Morning Session 2 – Peter Arnold and Professor Mike Nellis – Presentations start at 10 mins 28 secs

Afternoon Session 1 – David Tucker, The North East Cyber Protect Network, Alan Hill and Julian Kaine – Presentations start at 9 mins 27 secs

Afternoon Session 2 – Superintendent Matthew Tite and Mandeep Dhensa – Presentations start 8 mins 51 secs (Phil Tomlinson is not included)