Speaker Presentations: The Adult Safeguarding Conference 2021

Thank you for attending The Adult Safeguarding Conference 2021.

We hope you found the day informative and interesting. You can download the speaker presentations after the event from this page. Please bookmark or otherwise save this page so that you are able to return.

Dr Sheila Fish, Head of Learning Together, Social Care Institute for Excellence 

Kenny Gibson, National Head of Safeguarding, NHS England/ NHS Improvement 

Professor Suzy Braye OBE, Emerita Professor of Social Work, University of Sussex

Janine Roderick, Head of Practice, Safelives

Laura Thorpe, Safeguarding Adults Manager, Ann Craft Trust

Junaid Hussain, Chief Executive, Equality and Inclusion Partnership

Pete Morgan, Chair of Board of Trustees, Practitioner Alliance for Safeguarding Adults UK

Bruno Ornelas, Independent Safeguarding Consultant, Collaborative Safeguarding Hub and Peter Smith, Director of Sector Development, Homeless Link

Additional resources:

@NHSSafeguarding aims to keep you updated on safeguarding & trauma informed practice via our free NHS Safeguarding App https://www.myguideapps.com/admin/projects/safeguarding_2021/default/

We also have our #NHSSafeguarding learning platform https://future.nhs.uk/connect.ti/safeguarding/grouphome for those practitioners who are more professionally curious.

BASW Domestic Abuse Guidance

BASW Homes Not Hospital 

BASW Capabilities Resources – Professional Capabilities Framework

BASW Capabilities Resources – Autistic Adults

BASW Capabilities Resources – Adults with Disabilities 

BASW Capabilities Resources – Mapping the PCF, KSS and Regulatory Standards in England

BASW Recording Top Tips (80-20 Campaign)

You can find recordings of the event sessions here: 

Morning Session 1 – Maris Stratulis, Dr Sheila Fish and Kenny Gibson – Presentations start at 6 mins 31 secs

Morning Session 2 – Professor Suzy Braye OBE and Janine Roderick – Presentations start at 5 mins 48 secs

Afternoon Session 1 – Laura Thorpe and Junaid Hussain – Presentations start at 6 mins 10 secs

Afternoon Session 2 – Pete Morgan, Bruno Ornelas and Peter Smith – Presentations start at 6 mins 45 secs