Speaker Presentations: The Volunteer Management Conference: Recruiting, Retaining and Engaging Volunteers


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Additional Resources:

  • From Irene Hardill:

Irene’s ESRC Covid project: Mobilising Voluntary Action Project has resources on the project website https://www.mvain4.uk/. A summary of the findings were published October 18 2022 in an open access book: Mobilising Voluntary Action in the UK: Learning from the Pandemic edited by Irene Hardill, Jurgen Grotz and Laura Crawford


In 2021 she published another Open access book:

Transformational Moments in Social Welfare: What Role for Voluntary Action?

by Georgina Brewis, Angela Ellis Paine, Irene Hardill, Rose Lindsey and Rob Macmillan


Transforming Society ~ A world turned upside down: What next for voluntary action?

This book reports on another ESRC project that explored the voluntary sector in the 1940s and 2010s, arguably pivotal decades for the welfare state