Speaker Presentations: The National Suicide Prevention Conference 2021, 22nd April 2021

Thank you for attending The National Suicide Prevention Conference 2021.

We hope you found the day informative and interesting. You can download the speaker presentations below. Please bookmark or otherwise save this page so that you are able to return.

Paul McDonald, Executive Director of External Affairs, Samaritans

Carly Lynch, Consultant Nurse, London Ambulance Service

Adele Owen QPM, Greater Manchester Suicide Prevention Programme Manager, Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership

Keith Waters, Director of Centre for Self-Harm and Suicide Prevention Research, Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Louise Dibsdall, Senior Public Health Strategist, London Borough of Havering

Nicola Glassbrook, Public Health Specialist, Devon County Council

Dr Lorraine Bell, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Solent NHS Trust

Additional Resources

UK Government Women’s Health Strategy Consultation

Resources from Mo Wiltshire:
School Report (2017)
Children and Young People’s Services Champions programme
Improving LGBT Young People’s Mental Health and Wellbeing

Resource from Lorraine Bell:
Helping People Overcome Suicidal Thoughts, Urges and Behaviour – Discount Code

Men, Suicide and Society (2012)
Out of Sight out of Mind: Why Middle Aged Men Don’t Get the Support they Need (2020)
Engaging Men Earlier: A guide to Service Design (2021)

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You can find recordings of the event sessions here: 

Morning Session 1  – Paul McDonald, Nadine Dorries MP, Dan Howard and Sherry Adams – Presentations start at 12:22

Morning Session 2 – Carly Lynch and Adele Owen QPM – Presentations start at 08:12

Afternoon Session 1 – Dr Liz Scowcroft, Natalie Creary, Mo Wiltshire and Helen Jones – Presentations start at 08:40

Afternoon Session 2 – Keith Waters, Dr Louise Dibsdall and Nicola Glassbrook – Presentations start at 04:18

On-Demand Session – Dr Lorraine Bell