Speaker Presentations: The Changing Landscape of UK Building Regulations and Fire Safety 2021, 29th April 2021

Thank you for attending The Changing Landscape of UK Building Regulations and Fire Safety 2021.

We hope you found the day informative and interesting. You can download the speaker presentations below. Please bookmark or otherwise save this page so that you are able to return.

Richard Collins OBE, Executive Director, Profession, Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors

Zoe Wilkinson, Deputy Director, Fire Safety Unit, Home Office

Andy Speake, National Technical Manager, Aico

Tim Galloway, Deputy Director, Building Safety Programme, Health and Safety Executive

Salvy Vittozzi, Regional Sales Manager South East and Stacey Adams, Market Development Manager, Apollo Fire Detectors

Lorna Stimpson, Chief Executive, Local Authority Building Control

Graham Watts OBE, Chief Executive, Construction Industry Council

Dr Nigel Glen, Chief Executive, Association of Residential Managing Agents

Rebecca Fairclough, Co-Chairman, Manchester Cladiators

Additional Resources

ARMA – Fire Safety Management in Flats

ARMA – Advice Note: Fire Safety in Flats

You can find recordings of the event sessions here: 

Morning Session 1 – Richard Collins OBE, Neil O’Connor, Zoe Wilkinson and Andy Speake – Presentations start at 13:15

Morning Session 2 – Tim Galloway, Salvy Vittozzi and Stacey Adams – Presentations start at 09:56

Afternoon Session 1 – Lorna Stimpson, Graham Watts OBE and Ken Bullock – Presentations start at 07:16

Afternoon Session 2 – Dr Nigel Glen and Rebecca Fairclough – Presentations start at 09:08