Combating Gangs, Violence and Weapon Crime, Manchester


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Registration, Refreshments and Networking
Chair’s Welcome Address

Geoff Thompson, Chair, University of East London, Founder and Executive Chair, Youth Charter (CONFIRMED)


Morning Keynote: The Next Steps for The Serious Violence Strategy
  • Understanding the serious violence strategy
  • Tackling violence that devastated the lives of individuals, families and communities
  • The importance of partnerships across several sectors such as education, health, social services, housing, youth services, and victim services
  • The four key themes tackling county lines – misuse of drugs, early intervention and prevention, supporting communities and partnerships, and an effective law enforcement and criminal justice response
  • Using a multiple strand approach to Tackle serious violence

The Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP, Secretary of State, Home Office (Invited)

Special Keynote: The Threat of County Lines Violence, Exploitation & Drug Supply
  • Investigating the importance of tackling county lines
  • Giving practical consideration how gang violence and exploitation is linked to county lines drug supply
  • Understanding of the threat, identifying new trends and maps the scope of the issue across England and Wales
  • What needs to be done to stop the exploitation of vulnerable people
  • Minimising intimidation, violence and weapons, including knives, corrosives and firearms used across the county lines

Lynne Owens, Director-General, National Crime Agency (NCA) (CONFIRMED)





Morning Keynote: The Importance of Working in Collaboration to Tackle Gangs, Violence and Weapon Crime
  • Understanding the effects that working in partnerships has on gangs, violence and weapon crime
  • Analysing the crack down on online hate crime and what can be done?
  • Adapting our response so that even more victims are safeguarded, and perpetrators punished
  • Exploring the challenges, we all face in day to day life online and using social media

Joe Anderson, Mayor of Liverpool (CONFIRMED)

Andy Cooke, Chief Constable, Merseyside Police (CONFIRMED)


Questions & Answers Session
Refreshments and Networking
The Violent Crime Task Force: The Threats We Are Facing
  • The importance of having a dedicated serious crime task force
  • Using a full range of tactics to identify, target and arrest offenders
  • Improving the design and functionality for users
  • Investigating the results of the violent crime task force
  • Using awareness campaigns and collaboration to reduce violent crime

Terry Crompton, Detective Chief Inspector, Greater Manchester Police (invited)


Gang Violence and Youth Exploitation – The Manchester Context
  • Work closely with local authorities, schools and youth services to develop anti-gang strategies
  • Driving effective criminal justice and crime reduction services across London
  • Next steps: implementing the serious crime strategy
  • What is needed to get a grip on violent crime in Manchester
  • Investigating the best practice delivered by authorities in 2018
  • Identifying Vulnerable Youth and the Appeal of Gangs

Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester (invited)


Implementing a Youth Violence Intervention Programme into an NHS Trust
  • Work closely with local authorities, schools and youth services and healthcare to develop anti-gang strategies
  • Provide young people with the tailored support needed to help them to keep away from involvement in youth violence or exploitation, either as a victim or as a perpetrator
  • Embedding youth work teams in hospitals and working in partnership with health colleagues
  • NHS Trusts facilitating real, ongoing change in the lives of the young people
  • Working differently to stop people returning to the Emergency Department as the victim of crime

Kevin Bolger, Executive Director of Strategic Operations, University Hospitals Birmingham (invited)

John Poyton, CEO, Redthread Youth (CONFIRMED)


Questions and Answers Session
Lunch and Networking
Identifying Vulnerable Youths and the Appeal of Gangs
  • Tackling gangs that are grooming the most vulnerable young people in our society
  • Effective collaboration between law enforcement and safeguarding organisations
  • How we develop leading awareness campaigns and results
  • Overcoming the shocking scale of the grooming and exploitation of children by criminal gangs
  • Falling victim to criminal exploitation, supporting young runaways and young people who go missing from home

Dara de Burca, Director of Children and Young People, The Children’s Society (invited)

Gangs and Violence – Uniting to Improve Safety
  • The Manchester context: understanding the issues and challenges
  • Delivering a framework for building effective community-involved partnerships
  • Explore the challenges, concerns, interests and issues associated with the rise in serious violence and gang related activities in Manchester
  • Highlighting needs and challenges using research data, community participants, victims and perpetrators
  • Discovering crucial links between the drugs industry, the illegal use of firearms and knives and serious violence

Jonathan Shute, Lecturer, The University of Manchester (invited)


Case Study: Why is Violent Crime on the Rise – and Who is Most at Risk?
  • How widespread is violent crime, why is it growing and who are the victims?
  • Understanding why there was a 22% increase in knife crime and an 11% rise in gun crime
  • Is the rise due to cuts to youth services and police community support officers?
  • The rise of gangs uses of Social media over the last 5 years
  • The importance of partnership work and community engagement to deliver a safer community
  • Using the research and analytics to help reduce gang, violent and knife crime in the UK

Richard Garside, Director, Centre for Crime and Justice Studies and Senior Visiting Research Fellow, The Open University (invited)


Questions and Answers Session
Refreshments and Networking
The Early Intervention Process from Primary to Secondary Education
  • The importance of educating people from primary school
  • Building capacity and resilience with people at school
  • Changing the proximity of people perception of social media and violence
  • Collaborating with families and student to tackle the rise in gang, violent and weapon crime
  • Educating children about the dangers of carrying a knife and how to make positive choices to stay safe

Patrick Green, Chief Executive Officer, The Ben Kinsella Trust (CONFIRMED)


Case Study: Initiatives to End Serious Youth Violence, County Lines and the Associated Violence and Exploitation of Vulnerable People
  • Data/intelligence – understanding the nature of the threat posed by gangs around violence and vulnerability
  • Governance – This is about leadership, vision, partnerships, performance management and target monitoring
  • Enforcement / cross border working –This requires a review about procedures and activities, and a re-assessment the tools and powers that are effective in tackling the rise in exploitation, trafficking and modern slavery.
  • Prevention – Preventing young people from becoming involved with gangs, violence and vulnerability
  • Safeguarding – This work is also about safeguarding and protecting vulnerable people, who are being exploited by gangs/groups

Mick McNally, Gangs and County Lines Advisor, Evidence and Service Improvement Team, HMPPS (CONFIRMED)


Case Study: “Beyond The Gate” – A School Based Case Study In Response To The Challenges Of Youth Violence
  • The importance of schools in early identification
  • Developing a multi-agency school based model
  • Introducing “Beyond The Gate” – a whole school response to the societal challenges of youth violence
  • A graduated student and community response – aspiration, engagement and education to support positive choices
  • A graduated student and community response – aspiration, engagement and education to support positive choices

Steve Warner, Deputy Head Teacher, St Mary’s CE High School (CONFIRMED)

Questions and Answers Session
Chair’s Summary and Close

*Programme subject to change

Who Should Attend

Who Should Attend?

Delegates who will have an interest in this event will be:

*This Conference is open to Public, Private and Third Sectors

For more information or to make a booking please call 0330 058 4285

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