Local Community Regeneration: Transforming Town Centres And Communities


Who Should Attend?

Delegates who will have an interest in this event will be those working in local authorities, local enterprise partnerships and voluntary organisations promoting economic growth and development.

*This Conference is open to Public, Private and Third Sectors

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Registration, Refreshments and Networking
Chair’s Welcome Address

Katy Lock, Project and Policy Manager (Garden Cities and New Towns), Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) (invited)


Morning Keynote: The Government’s Role In Transforming Town Centres And Communities
  • Outlining the on-going commitments and policies to drive transformation across communities and town centres
  • Exploring the opportunities stemming from the £675 million Future High Streets Fund and the consultation on the Open Doors Pilot Scheme
  • Detailing the future and technicalities of business rates relief, which will see up to 90% of retail properties benefit of a one-third reduction
  • Consulting on planning reform to facilitate the creation of new homes, jobs, and choices in the town centre, including driving digitalisation of businesses and services
  • Strengthening community assets, including historic buildings and supporting community groups to use empty properties

Jo Farrar, Director General, Local Government and Public Services, Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) (invited)


Special Keynote: Ideas For The Future: Insights From The 2018 High Street Report 
  • Reimagining town centres to include a range of activities, including dining, leisure, and medical services alongside provision for business premises, offices, and affordable housing
  • Empowering local leaders and residents to design initiatives and access support from the Government to overcome obstacles in creating a community hub
  • Analysing potential barriers to success in transformation, from planning issues to lack of expertise in space design and a lack of inspirational leadership
  • Identifying each town’s central purpose which unites the community behind the town’s brand and attracts them to the centre
  • Offering recommendations based on the research conducted for the 2018 High Street Report, including introducing a ‘National High Street Perfect Day’ and conducting a review of parking provision

Sir John Timpson, Chair, High Streets Expert Panel (invited)


Key Supporter Session


Questions and Answers Session
Refreshments and Networking
Case Study: Regenerating Community Spaces Through The Use Of Heritage 
  • Embracing heritage as a driver of regeneration through applying for a Heritage Action Zone (HAZ) to encourage residents to move back into the town centre
  • Engaging in conservation work on council-work historic buildings and pursuing enforcement action on privately-owned historic buildings
  • Working in collaboration with Stoke & North Staffordshire Local Enterprise Partnership and community groups including the Potteries Heritage Society and Longton Traders
  • Utilising the HAZ to be a focus for economic and cultural community activities, as well as supporting property owners to convert the spaces above shops into accommodation

Councillor Daniel Jellyman, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Transport & Heritage, Heritage Champion for Stoke-on-Trent, Stoke-on-Trent City Council (invited)


Case Study: Creating Innovative Partnerships To Drive Regeneration And Economic Growth 
  • Securing support from the LGA Productivity Experts Programme to assist with the design and delivery of a new joint approach to regeneration
  • Recognising the challenge of the loss of Revenue Support Grants by 2020, the two local authorities approved the Joint Transformation Programme (JTP) to deliver the majority of services through shared teams, projecting up to £2.7 million in savings by 2019/20
  • Overcoming the challenge of differences in strategic and spatial make up and priorities through creating a comprehensive evidence base leading to a specific regeneration strategy for each area
  • Implementing four externally strategic themes to improve community regeneration as a result of the JTP; Growth and Prosperity, Housing and Development, Thriving Communities, and Quality Environment

Kerry Barrett, Strategy and Commissioning Officer (Regeneration), Eastbourne Borough Council (invited)


Case Study: Successfully Delivering Town Centre Regeneration And Local Government Commercialisation 
  • Addressing challenges such as reliance on major employers, low entrepreneurship, and deprivation through significant regeneration projects across the city
  • Creating a dedicated £10 million Derby Regeneration Fund and £6.5 million City Centre Initiative to bring forward schemes which support ambitions to provide employment and residential accommodation
  • Transforming neighbourhoods through enhancing the built environment, improving all forms of transport connections, and facilitating stronger connections to jobs and amenities
  • Integrating cultural, business, housing, and transport strategies as part of the City Centre Masterplan aiming to leverage £3.5 billion in investment, creating 4,000 jobs and 1,900 homes
  • Highlighting the importance and opportunities provided from effective public-private partnerships, demonstrated by successful projects including the Infinity Park

Matthew Wilson, Project Manager, Community and Place Regeneration, Derby City Council (invited)


Questions and Answers Session
Lunch and Networking
Afternoon Keynote: Supporting Innovative Local Authorities To Improve Their Communities
  • Detailing the 2018 revisions to the National Policy Planning Framework which include measures to improve affordable home negotiations as part of the viability process
  • Outlining how local authorities can use S106 obligations to drive regeneration and address community needs
  • Exploring the One Public Estate aims as the focus shifts towards delivering affordable housing, as part of the jointly delivered £45 million Land Release Fund
  • Demonstrating the range of targeted improvement areas, from transport to community hubs, successfully used by local authorities to effectively drive regeneration
  • Highlighting how investment in regeneration projects can improve efficiencies, with early projects from the One Public Estate having already cut running costs by £23 million and created 5,700 jobs

Dennis Skinner, Head of Improvement, Local Government Association (invited)


Special Keynote: Collaborating With The Third Sector To Reduce Vacant Properties And Revive Town Centres
  • Capturing the costs of vacant properties and transform them into opportunities to create social and economic value
  • Enabling development of community spaces through becoming tenants of properties and passing it onto local groups
  • Detailing how local authorities can work in partnership to support projects, either through an annual membership or on a case-by-case basis
  • Demonstrating the benefit of leasing empty units to community groups, from improving public participation in their town’s regeneration to defraying the cost of regeneration in phased projects
  • Sharing examples of successful projects, and outlining the lasting impact they have had on the community

Jessica Tsang, Project Director, Meanwhile Foundation (invited)


Case Study: Attracting Investment And Driving Transformation: A New Town Perspective 
  • Recognising the challenges experienced by many new towns of under investment in infrastructure and other facilities by designing an ambitious framework for change
  • Conducting research with residents to identify their ideas for the future of Hatfield who prioritisied the transformation of the town centre as key to improvements
  • Creating the Hatfield Renewal Partnership between key organisations in the town, including local authorities, education institutions and businesses
  • Securing £6 million from the Hertfordshire LEP to release land in the town centre for homes, retail and leisure, and improve the main square with refreshed seating, features and planting
  • Unlocking several development opportunity areas in the town through the construction of a new multi-story car park, releasing existing land currently used for car parking

Bryce Tudball, Principal Planner, Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council (invited)


Questions and Answers Session
Refreshments and Networking
Case Study: The Future Of The High Street Is Community-Led
  • Encouraging community business activity to benefit local high streets
  • Highlighting the economic importance and advantage of community-run businesses, as it promotes the development of the economy in the local area
  • Facilitating the introduction of community businesses through opening up space opportunities, whilst simultaneously reducing the cycle of decline
  • Explaining the steps local authorities can take to aid these businesses, such as promoting collaboration and peer-learning with other local businesses as well as developing clear progress routes and opportunities
  • Sharing examples of successful community-run businesses and how they were supported in their development by local authorities and other organisations

Mark Gordon, Director of Communications and Partnerships, Power to Change (CONFIRMED)


Case Study: Reimagining Existing Facilities And Accessing Funding To Create Innovative New Experiences
  • Designing a new cultural hub, integrating a theatre, library, cinema and a café/bar which hosts a range of activities including unique cultural ventures, alongside performances, talks, digital workshops and yoga
  • Funding the project through repurposing a disused cinema which had been empty for a decade, providing £33 million council capital funding and securing additional money from the Arts Council
  • Revolutionising the library experience, which had previously seen visitor numbers drop by nearly 100,000 over the two years prior to 2016, has now increased visitors by more than 500,000
  • Winning the Guardian’s 2018 Public Service Awards, as well as the transformation category, due to the cultural and community reawakening it has provided the town centre
  • Maximising revived library attendance, across the whole of Cheshire West and Chester, as a means of boosting educational and cultural opportunities

Andrew Bentley, Chief Executive, Storyhouse (invited)



Questions and Answers

Chair’s Summary and Close

*Programme subject to change


Who Should Attend

Who Should Attend?

Delegates who will have an interest in this event will be those working in local authorities, local enterprise partnerships and voluntary organisations promoting economic growth and development.

*This Conference is open to Public, Private and Third Sectors

For more information or to make a booking please call 0330 058 4285


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