School Commercialisation: Generating Income To Support More Effective School Services


Who Should Attend?

Delegates who will have an interest in this event will be people who work in School Commercialisation.

*This Conference is open to Public, Private and Third Sectors

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Registration, Refreshments and Networking
Chair’s Welcome Address

Andy Mellor, President, NAHT (invited)


Keynote Presentation: Supporting Excellent School Resource Management To Generate Income And Achieve Efficiency Savings
  • Understanding the changes to cost pressures in schools and the way schools choose to spend their money and considering whether they are getting the most out of their spending
  • Supporting schools in managing their workforce: providing workforce planning guidance and tools
  • Getting the best value when purchasing goods and services through a wide and growing range of recommended deals and the development of the regional buying hubs pilot
  • Ensuring good quality, accurate and timely data to make informed decisions on how to manage resources efficiently
  • Supporting leadership teams in schools and trusts to best manage their resources by developing financial skills and helping them adopt an integrated approach to curriculum and financial planning

Andrew Wye, Funding Policy Unit, Department for Education (CONFIRMED)


Next Steps For The Schools National Funding Formula: 2019-20 And Beyond
  • The schools national funding formula in 2019-20: key areas which will be updated
  • Minor changes to the 2019-20 schools formula: protecting new schools; adjusting the LPA factor and changing the minimum per pupil funding levels for middle schools
  • Premises and mobility factors in 2019-20
  • Growth funding from 2019-20 to support schools with significant in-year pupil growth
  • The continuing role of local authorities in determining local formulae in 2020-21

Matthew Atkinson, Director, Provider Market Oversight, Education and Skills Funding Agency (invited)


Developing School Business Leadership To Optimise Strategy, Finance, HR Planning And Premises Management
  • Developing professional standards to support recruitment and performance management
  • Redefining the school business role and shifting from management to leadership
  • Implementing an effective budget management and financial strategy
  • Working in an integrated, seamless and inclusive way
  • Ensuring ISBL’s programmes respond to the challenges schools and trusts face

Russell Dalton, Chair, Worcestershire Association of School Business Management (invited)


Questions and Answers Session
Refreshments and Networking
Case Study: Using The Pupil Premium Effectively To Raise The Attainment Of Looked After Children (LAC)
  • How the Pupil Premium Plus can be best utilised, what kind of support it should not be used for, and how to evidence its impact
  • Reviewing Pupil Premium practice to ensure that spending is evidence-based and improving outcomes
  • Leading the management and delivery of provision for Pupil Premium
  • Using a whole-school approach of careful weekly tracking, incentives and adult support to overcome the barriers of attendance and lifestyle
  • Sharing good practice by being part of a local cluster of schools

Steve Williamson, Headteacher, Northern Saints CE Primary School (invited)


Case Study: Developing Strategies To Maximise Funding And Find New Revenue Streams
  • How to write successful funding applications and comply with statutory regulations affecting income generation
  • Writing a business plan to record what you want to achieve and understanding what is required
  • Establishing in-house catering and expanding the business outside the school: seeing an opportunity and then exploiting it by providing other services
  • Introducing Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for local schools to provide them with services such as business management, IT support, careers guidance, caretaking provision and marketing support
  • Establishing an alumni division within the school to ask former students to donate funds to the school

Jacqueline Straw, Chief Operating Officer, Minster Trust for Education (invited)


Questions and Answers Session
Lunch and Networking
Afternoon Keynote Presentation: An Update On School Funding Pressures In England And The Financial Sustainability Of School Budgets
  • Analysing the increase in the proportion of local authority-maintained secondary schools in deficit which has trebled over the last four years
  • Looking at which regions have the highest percentage of local authority-maintained secondary schools in deficit
  • The number of local authority primary schools in deficit and the average primary school deficit
  • How schools are expected to meet the cost of annual pay increases from a combination of core government funding and their reserves does not look feasible even in the short term
  • Inability to achieve the scale of savings necessary without also cutting staff

Jon Andrews, Director for School System and Performance and Deputy Head of Research, Education Policy Institute (invited)


Case Study: Using School Estates To Generate Income: Exploiting Existing Facilities To Generate A New Income Stream
  • Gaining better financial security whilst making a tangible impact to pupils and the wider community
  • Setting up a commercial outlet to sell goods to generate income
  • How to do fundraising effectively
  • Accessing grants

Matthew Smith, Business Manager, Sheringham Woodfields School (CONFIRMED)


Case Study: Undertaking The End-To-End Delivery Of A Major Capital Project For A School
  • Bringing in a strategic school business professional (SBP) to manage and make the most of the school budget as well as delivering the school’s strategic priorities
  • Co-ordinating a new capital project to build an environmentally-compliant building for the school and provide a much-needed learning space for the pupils
  • Engaging with stakeholders about the school’s long-term needs of the building
  • Co-ordinating fundraising for the project by writing bids to local and national trusts to secure grant funding
  • Supplementing grant funding with charity donations and the school budget

Paul Edmondson, Headteacher, Morecambe Road School (invited)


Questions and Answers Session
Refreshments and Networking
Case Study: Achieving Significant Savings On Energy Bills By Investing In New LED Lighting
  • Cutting the yearly energy bill to free up funds to support educational outcomes
  • Reducing the school’s energy by over the next 5 years
  • Using several companies to investigate energy use at no cost to compare figures
  • Other benefits of replacing the lighting: saving site supervisors’ time and reducing carbon footprint
  • The need for schools to continuously review their expenditure vs income generated by renting out facilities

Peter Crewe, Project Manager, St Christopher’s CE High School (invited)


Case Study: Cutting Staff Costs While Still Improving Pupil Outcomes
  • Addressing financial difficulties by looking at what efficiency savings could be made from non-pay costs
  • Reviewing the staffing structure with a view to reducing the proportion of general annual grant (GAG) spent on pay costs
  • Recognising that extensive consultation with staff and unions is essential before making any changes to staffing structures
  • Making staff savings while protecting pupil outcomes and keeping all relevant parties informed
  • Redistributing the organisation with a simpler middle leadership structure whilst avoiding large scale redundancies to achieve savings of £800,000

Geoff Walls, Principal, Thomas Deacon Academy (invited)


Case Study: Sharing Support Staff Across A Multi-Academy Trust
  • Improving effectiveness and efficiency by commissioning an external review into the provision of therapies across the MAT
  • Centralising the process for recruiting and deploying therapists to remove gaps in therapy provision across the MAT
  • Basing each therapist at a ‘home’ school at which he or she can build close relationships with staff, parents and pupils
  • Development of a single pay structure for therapists
  • Applying the model used for therapists to other staff as well

Susan Douglas, Chief Executive Officer, Eden Academy (invited)


Questions and Answers Session



Summary and Close

*Programme subject to change

Who Should Attend

Who Should Attend?

Delegates who will have an interest in this event will be people who work in School Commercialisation.

*This Conference is open to Public, Private and Third Sectors

For more information or to make a booking please call 0330 058 4285

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