Speaker Presentations: The Tackling Gender-Based Violence Conference, 10th March 2021

Thank you for attending The Tackling Gender-Based Violence Conference.

We hope you found the day informative and interesting. You can download the speaker presentations below. Please bookmark or otherwise save this page so that you are able to return.

Lynne Abrams, Deputy Director, Crime Policing and Fire Group – Interpersonal Abuse Unit,  Home Office 

Dr Stephen Burrell, Assistant Professor (Research), Department of Sociology, Durham University

Amy Abdelshahid, Head of Evidence, FORWARD

Ivié Itoje, Legal Advisor, London Black Women’s Project

Mridul Wadhwa, Intersectional Human Rights Activist and Manager, Forth Valley Rape Crisis Centre

You can find recordings of the event sessions here: 

Chair’s Opening Remarks – Chris Green OBE and Anthea Sully – Presentations start at 6 mins and 9 secs

Morning Session – Lynne Abrams and Dr Stephen Burrell – Presentations start at 6 mins and 17 secs

Interactive Session – Amy Abdelshahid – Presentations start at 0 mins and 0 secs

Afternoon Session 1 – Rubie Marie and Allen Davis – Presentations start at 6 mins and 24 secs

Afternoon Session 2 – Ivié Itoje and Mridul Wadhwa – Presentations start at 8 mins and 55 secs