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Supporting our delegates and subscribers with their own professional development is at the heart of everything we do.

All our events, training, articles and videos are CPD certified, and you automatically earn points for everything you watch, read and hear on the platform.

And, when you REGISTER, (or SIGN-UP to GE Insights), you will have your own CPD dashboard, which  automatically records and tracks your progress throughout the year*. It also creates and stores a CPD certificate, which you can download at any time.

How It Works

Your GE Insights CPD dashboard allows you to set your overall CPD target for the year. This can also include activities outside of GE Insights.
All the content on GE Insights has been awarded points based on the average time it takes to read, watch or hear an article, video or podcast. Your own CPD dashboard automatically logs and records your activities, and creates a CPD certificate you can download at your leisure.
At any time, you can also add points from other activities (including attendance at our conferences and GovPD training courses), making it quick and easy for you to manage all of your continuing professional development in one place.

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