A Caldicott Guardian is a senior person within a health or social care organisation who makes sure that the personal information about those who use its services is used legally, ethically and appropriately, and that confidentiality is maintained. Delivered by Helen Dyer a long standing member of the Caldicott Guardian Council, Chair of the Northern Regional Network and contributor to “A Manual for Caldicott Guardians” UKCGC revised 2018, this interactive day is designed to build a foundation of knowledge, tools and sources of support to enable those with Caldicott responsibilities to add demonstrable value to their organisation and to be the best that they can be.

This course is for delegates who would like to learn more or refresh their knowledge about being a Caldicott Guardian or supporting a Caldicott role or function. It covers what the role entails and how it interacts with other members of the Information or wider Governance team. Through exploration of real case scenarios it will give delegates an understanding of the law, ethics and principles at play and will offer tools and techniques to support team members to add value to client care and the organisation as well as develop their career.

Delegates will be able to demonstrate CPD and appropriate training to fulfil their requirements for the NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit and will also have the opportunity to develop sources of support and networking for the future.


  • Recognise the responsibilities and accountability of the Caldicott Guardian as relevant to their organisation and team.
  • Be aware of the current legal framework and common law obligations and know where to seek support and guidance
  • Identify key stakeholders for the Caldicott Guardian and explore and identify strengths and opportunities to add value as the “conscience” of the organisation.
  • Identify key risks
  • Demonstrate added value to service users, the organisation and the board
  • Undertake activities such as develop a Caldicott plan, review a DPIA, advise on Subject Access Requests, respond to police enquiries.
  • Have the opportunity to apply Caldicott principles to problem solving.

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  • Registration
  • Housekeeping and Framework for the Day
  • Introductions: Caldicott Guardians
    • Who?
    • Why?
    • Where?
    • When?
    • How they came to be

    (Includes recent developments update)

  • The Caldicott Principles and the 10 Data Security Standards
  • Ethical and Legal Frameworks
    • Data protection
    • The duty to share information
    • The duty of confidentiality
  • Break and Group activity: Mapping Stakeholders and Accountability
  • The Important Elements of Structure
    • The purpose of headlines and openings
    • The two different types of headlines
    • The two different types of openings
  • Understanding the Organisation
    • Working with patients, public and colleagues
  • Caldicott Considerations for Information Rights and Privacy by Design
    • Subject Access Requests
    • Data Protection Impact Assessments
  • Questions and Answers
  • Lunch 
  • Tools of the Trade:
    • Logs
    • Registers
    • Risk assessments.
    • Forms
    • Data security and protection toolkit
  • Theory and Practice: A Case Scenarios World Cafe
  • Personal Development:
    • Reflection
    • Appraisal
    • Learning needs analysis
    • Personal development plans
  • Plenary
    • Loose ends and plans for the future
  • Questions and Answers
  • Trainer’s Summary and Close

    *Programme subject to change

  • Public Sector Rate: £495.00+VAT
  • Private Sector Rate: £595.00+VAT
  • Voluntary Sector Rate: £445.00+VAT