We all face change, challenges and uncertainty on a daily basis. This can create chronic stress, affecting not only our personal health and wellbeing but also your wider organisation and career through impacted performance. Being resilient is a core skill for handling our challenges in a healthy and productive way.

This course offers a balance of contemporary knowledge and practical tools using positive psychology, neuroscience, behavioural science and biology. You will be inspired, supported and equipped with a resilience toolkit to use in all areas of life and work, promoting your growth, performance, wellbeing and success.

Training Outcomes 
  • Gain self-awareness, get to know yourself and others on a profound level
  • Learn what resilience looks like and how to recognise its opposite – resistance and chronic stress
  • Gain a unique, proprietary resilience building model that you can apply in any scenario
  • Develop mindset shifting tools to generate optimism and new possibilities
  • Understand how to regulate and reduce difficult emotions such as anxiety, anger and depression
  • Implement empowering behaviours that give you better results and experiences
  • Unlock your personal strengths to unleash the innate resilience you already have
  • Learn how to create an environment that nurtures your resilience


The course was really illuminating to me and has helped me better understand and recognise people struggling at work and at home. John Higton, Public Sector Healthcare Director, Prederi Management Consulting

I feel like we all could do with Pinky supporting us on a daily basis. Fantastic knowledge on the topic. Andy H, ‘Resilience and Stress’ Webinar

Well structured, thorough, engaging delivery structure, content and delivery style were excellent, especially given that it had to be adapted for online. BearingPoint, Management Consultancy


  • Registration
  • Introduction to Course, Trainer and Getting to Know the Group
  • Self-Awareness 101
    • A quiz to help you learn more about yourself – mind, body and soul
      • Understand how your brain develops
      • How your thoughts create your reality
      • The importance of emotions
      • The science behind changing your brain
      • Everything is energy – reality is not what you think, it’s much better!
  • Break
  • Resilience and Resistance
    • What resilience looks like – mind, body, emotions, behaviour
      • How do resilient people tend to think, feel and behave
    • What stress and resistance looks like – mind, body, emotions, behaviour
      • How do resistant people tend to think, feel and behave
    • Introduction to the holistic resilience model and how it works
      • You will be introduced to 5 key areas you can work on to develop resilience – mindset, emotions, behaviour/ bodily health, environment and soul.
  • Lunch
  • Building Mental and Emotional Resilience: Practical Tools and Exercises
    • How to shift from negative thinking to optimism
    • How to increase your creativity to come up with great solutions
    • Powerful breathing exercises to help you in times of extreme stress
  • Break
  • Building Behavioural and Innate Resilience: Practical Tools and Exercises
    • Choose empowering behaviours – learning to say ‘no’ and setting boundaries
    • Stop focussing on things you can’t control and act on things you can
    • Tips on physical health and how it impacts your mental health
    • Identify your innate gifts and strengths, use them to help you navigate challenges
  • Break
  • Creating an Environment That Nurtures Your Resilience: Practical Tools and Exercises
    • The importance of relationships in building resilience – we’re all in it together
    • Detox your environment and create a space that helps you flourish
  • Closing summary

    *Programme subject to change

  • Public Sector Rate: £495.00+VAT
  • Private Sector Rate: £595.00+VAT
  • Voluntary Sector Rate: £445.00+VAT