Neurodiversity awareness in the workplace is a broad term for the acquiring of knowledge and tools that equip people and organizations to be able to support colleagues, clients and suppliers who have Neurodivergent conditions. It covers the understanding of all conditions that can affect the way a person processes information as well as how they interact with others.

This 1-day course will give you the information, summary knowledge and the ability to have meaningful discussions with any person with a Neurodivergent condition so that you can support them in the most effective manner possible, enabling them to carry out their role without anxiety or issue.

You will learn what the terminology means, what conditions are included, what the law says in terms of The Equality Act and what “reasonable adjustments” could look like.


  • Upon completion participants will be able to speak with confidence to those who are Neurodivergent or to disclose their own Neurodivergence in ways that create useful dialogue.
  • Learners will have the tools and resources to support Neurodivergent colleagues when required.
  • Participants will be able to use their knowledge to inform D,I&E conversations in the workplace.

Trainer Profile: Matt Gupwell

Matt Gupwell is a respected Neurodiversity awareness consultant and advocate with a mission to educate, inspire and to encourage everyone to take positive action to support Neurodivergent people. He’s a respected voice in the Neurodiversity world and has delivered consultancy and training to clients including the UK Government, NHS, L’Oréal, major sporting organisations and start up tech companies.

For 15 years Matt has immersed himself in studying, advocating for and supporting Neurodivergent people of all ages. He combines the latest research with his gift for storytelling to share lived experiences of living undiagnosed with 3 conditions along with the shared experiences of the hundreds of people he’s helped.

Matt’s background as a professional entertainer before becoming a consultant brings a high level of engagement and experience to his style of delivery. He is an experienced trainer and public speaker, having spoken in front of more than 80,000 people, both in person and online. Matt has a reputation for his enigmatic personality and his ability to lighten difficult topics while making complex information easy to understand.

  • Registration
  • Welcome Address
  • Session 1: Neurodiversity, history, meaning and why we need to know about it?
    • Finding out what you already know – group exercise.
    • The history of Neurodiversity awareness and why it’s important?
    • Facts and figures about the prevalence of Neurodivergent conditions in the UK and the World.
    • Understanding of common terms and words used.
    • Group discussions – why some people still don’t talk openly about having Neurodivergent conditions.
  • Morning Break
  • Session 2: Understanding conditions, labels, co-existing conditions, the right things to say and how to be a good advocate
    • Break out quiz. Where do you think each condition sits by category.
    • How conditions are categorized and why.
    • Detailed explanation of conditions by category.
  • Lunch Break
  • Session 2 continued
    • Comorbidities/Coexisting conditions and why they are vital to understand.
    • Labels, imagery, descriptions and how to be a positive ally in the workplace.
    • Group discussion – Does diagnosis matter?
  • Session 3: Neurodiversity in the workplace
    • The Equalities Act and individuals’ rights.
    • Reasonable adjustments. What are they, who do they benefit and what do they cost?
    • Some real-world examples and experiences shared.
  • Session 5: Making and plan of action and Q&A
    • Group work to plan next steps in your workplace.
    • Group Q&A
  • Summary and Close 

    *Programme Subject to Change

  • Public Sector Rate: : £495+VAT
  • Private Sector Rate:: £595+VAT
  • Voluntary Sector Rate: : £445 +VAT