Speaker Presentations: The Improving National Workplace Health and Wellbeing Event 2023


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You can download the speaker presentations below.

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Additional Resources:

  • Beth Kimberly

The Access to Work Mental Health Support Service delivered by Maximus, funded by the Department for Work and Pensions, provides confidential mental health support for stress, anxiety, depression, low mood and much more, in the workplace, at no cost. 

This service helps anyone: 

  • In permanent or temporary employment (working or signed off sick) 
  • With a mental health concern (diagnosed or un-diagnosed) that is impacting performance or attendance at work 
  • With dedicated support for nine months, Maximus coverall the key things like coping strategies, workplace adjustments, practical advice and guidance, as well as a plan to return to work. 

To refer to the service: 

Please call Maximus directly on 0300 456 8114, email atw@maximusuk.co.uk or complete a 5 minute referral via our self-referral portal. 

Access To Work Mental Health Support Service | Get Help Today (maximusuk.co.uk) 

Next steps: 

At this stage, please feel free to utilise our employer toolkit below, which houses resources to raise awareness of our support. Please also encourage colleagues, friends and family if they require it, to book a confidential appointment with us.   

Access to Work Mental Health Support Service Employer Toolkit (maximusuk.co.uk)