The devastating murders of Shafilea Ahmed and Banaz Mahmood have brought to light the severe consequences of honour-based abuse (HBA). In November 2022, the Women and Equalities Committee launched an inquiry into so-called honour-based abuse. While specific offences like forced marriage and female genital mutilation remain illegal, the inquiry recognised the need for there to be a statutory definition of honour-based abuse. This would help improve recognition of the crime and bring more perpetrators to justice. In the meantime, it is imperative for police forces, local safeguarding teams and the voluntary sector to work together to protect and support victims.

  • In the year ending March 2022, there were 2,887 HBA-related offences recorded by the police in England and Wales, according to Government data
    • This was an increase of 6 per cent compared with the year ending March 2021
  • In 2022, The Government’s Forced Marriage Unit announced it supported the victims in 302 cases of forced marriage and female genital mutilation
  • In 2022/23, Karma Nirvana’s helpline received over 2,500 calls, with more than 500 of those relating to forced marriage

Join us at The Tackling Honour-Based Abuse Conference to hear the latest policies for tackling and preventing honour-based abuse. High-level keynotes will offer expert insights on national strategies and approaches to improving response to incidents of HBA. Learn from a range of exemplary case studies covering various topics including engaging with communities, protecting victims and holding perpetrators to account. You will also have the opportunity to network with senior colleagues working in public and voluntary sectors to share common challenges.

Why Attend:

✓ High-level keynotes from leading experts working to prevent honour-based abuse
✓ Best practice guidance on tackling forced marriage and female genital mutilation
✓ Networking opportunities with speakers and senior colleagues from across the public and voluntary sectors
✓ 4 hours of CPD points towards your yearly quota


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  • Online Registration

  • Chair’s Opening Remarks

    Professor Geetanjali Gangoli, Professor of Sociology, Durham University (CONFIRMED)

  • Keynote: Updates and Recommendations from the Inquiry into So-Called Honour-Based Abuse

    • Insights into the current picture of honour-based abuse across the UK and its status within the law
    • Advice for social care practitioners on how to respond to HBA cases and ensure wrap-around support for victims
    • Incorporating HBA into the RSHE curriculum to raise awareness among young people
    • Guidance on supporting victims from migrant communities and those with no recourse to public funds

    Kim Johnson MP, Chair of the Inquiry into So-called Honour-Based Abuse, UK Parliament (CONFIRMED)

  • Keynote: Improving the Police Response to Honour-Based Abuse: Advice and Guidance

    • Addressing the barriers victims of honour-based abuse may face when reporting their experiences
    • Tips for improving reporting mechanisms to encourage more victims to come forward
    • Training staff to spot the signs of HBA and provide a culturally sensitive approach when engaging with victims
    • Suggestions for improving data collection and recording of incidents of honour-based abuse

    Pal Singh, Detective Sergeant, Community Safety Unit, Metropolitan Police (CONFIRMED)

  • Case Study: Engaging with Communities to Change their Behaviour and Prevent Incidents

    • Developing strong relationships with community leaders to encourage them to stand against HBA and harmful practices
    • Establishing a 1-to-1 intervention service to intercept cases of HBA and mediate between victims and communities
    • Delivering community sessions to generate an open dialogue in communities where HBA is prevalent
    • Creating effective awareness campaigns so those at risk can access help and that communities understand the risk and impact for those affected

    Afrah Qassim, CEO and Founder, Savera UK (CONFIRMED)

  • Questions and Answers 

  • Breakout Networking: Working in Partnership to Tackle Honour-Based Abuse

    This session will provide you with the opportunity to network with attendees of this event, to discuss challenges and solutions you face in collaborating with other agencies to identify, tackle and prevent honour-based abuse. Share experiences and encourage cross-sector collaboration.

  • Comfort Break

  • Lived Experience: Providing Person-Centred and Trauma-Informed Support to Survivors of Honour-Based Abuse

    • Strategies for opening up conversations with individuals who may be experiencing honour-based abuse
    • Understanding the impact honour-based abuse can have on a victim’s mental health and signposting them to the right support
    • Tailoring support services to a survivor’s needs and their cultural background: key tips and advice

    Lived Experience Speaker (invited)

  • Case Study: Taking Action to Tackle and Prevent Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

    • Using data to estimate the prevalence of FGM locally and develop targeted interventions
    • Insights into the FGM Safeguarding Risk Assessment Tool: resources for practitioners to determine women and girls at risk
    • Developing a multi-agency service: working in partnership with police and healthcare to prevent incidents
    • Recruiting community champions to raise awareness of risks and extend reach to all local groups
    • Providing specialist practical and emotional support for women, children and girls who are victims or at risk of genital mutilation

    Nene Ojoawo, Community Based Worker and FGM Project Coordinator, Coventry Haven (CONFIRMED)

  • Case Study: Identifying and Safeguarding Women and Girls Who May be Forced into Marriage

    • Training first responders to engage sensitively with prospective victims of forced marriage
    • Developing a forced marriage strategy to ensure clearly defined procedures and responsibilities
    • Supporting victims who are abroad: engaging with international police forces to return victims safely
    • Connecting victims with services to support them to live independently after escaping a forced marriage

    Mindy Mahil, Serious and Complex Crime Investigator, West Midlands Police (CONFIRMED)

  • Questions and Answers

  • Chair’s Closing Remarks

    *programme subject to change without notice

Who Should Attend

Who Should Attend?

Delegates who will have an interest in this event will be professionals from across the police, local government, healthcare and voluntary sectors.

*This Conference is open to Public, Private and Third Sectors

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