As a result of the pandemic and the disruption caused to schools, the attainment gap has started to widen for the first time since 2011.

By taking an evidence-based approach, the Education Endowment Foundation has been able to create toolkits schools can consult for implementing their attainment gap strategies.

In this session from the 2021 Closing the Attainment Gap conference, Alex Quigley, Senior Associate at the Education Endowment Foundation shared how involving parents and having a sustained engagement with them can help support children’s learning. Using evidence, he further highlighted how early interventions in learning can be vital in shrinking the attainment gap.

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For the first time since 2011 As a result of the pandemic and the impact of remote learning, the attainment gap between children has started to widen. Alex Quigley, of the Education Endowment Foundation shared how early intervention and sustained parental involvement in learning can help provide better support to disadvantaged students.

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