According to the Office for National Statistics, in 2021 students were more likely than any other occupation type to have experienced sexual assault.

Sarah Bevan is a Policy Manager for Universities UK, carrying out research and policy development that supports UUK’s 140 members to tackle all forms of harassment, sexual misconduct, and hate crime. Universities UK are the collective voice of 140 universities across the UK with the mission of helping them improve their services.

In this video, Sarah explores the impacts of sexual and racial harassment at university, on both the student and their studies. She uses this to discuss the need for change in the culture across universities in addressing hate and harassment. She highlights the importance of leadership in leading this change and working with external groups with expertise in harassment to improve services for victims.

Here is a selection of other content regarding safeguarding in higher education shared on GE Insights.

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In 2021, full time students were more likely to experience sexual harassment than any other occupation type. Sarah Bevan is Policy Advisor for Universities UK, she discusses the impacts of sexual and racial harassment at university, on both the student and their studies, highlighting the need for a culture change to improve support for those who have experienced harassment.

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