Driving higher enrolments and donations within Higher Education Institutions is challenging at the best of times, no more so than during Covid-19. Communicating factual information to students, staff and the public while events were rapidly changing proved difficult for universities.

Vickie Sheriff is Communications Director at Imperial College London, overseeing brand, communications strategy and delivery.

Imperial has led much of the research into Covid-19 and secured global recognition for it, breaking through the noise to secure funding and promote the work was fundamental to their overall success.

Vickie spoke at the HEFE Marketing 2021 conference, they spoke about the strategy they developed at Imperial, discussing how they reprioritised communications after Covid-19 and what they learned during the crisis.

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Higher Education Institutions were challenged with communicating rapidly changing information on Covid-19 to their students. Vickie Sheriff, Communications Director at Imperial College London, shared the communications approach and strategy of the university during the crisis.

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