The Cross-River Partnership are a public-private, not-for-profit partnership, that has been delivering positive change for London’s residents, businesses, and visitors for 27 years. The CRP is currently delivering a range of projects in London, all of which aim to improve air quality and make London a nicer place to live.

Fiona Coull project manages Cross River Partnership’s (CRP) Healthy Streets Everyday Programme. Fiona also works on CRP’s Defra-funded Clean Air Villages 4 (CAV4) programme. This is a collaborative project with 26 partners that aims to deliver ambitious freight solutions for a clean air business recovery across different London ‘villages’, where both air pollution and population density levels are high.

In this session from the Local Government Climate Action Conference 2021, Fiona introduced both the CRP and the CAV4 programme, discussing their benefits to local communities in London. They highlighted the usefulness of data for driving change in communities as well as the power of collaborative partnerships

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London’s air is renowned for being highly polluted. The Cross River Partnership’s (CRP) Clean Air Villages Programme is striving to clean up London’s Air. We heard from Fiona Coull from the CRP about how the project is being rolled out across several boroughs in London and the benefits it is having to local communities.

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