Florence Myles is Professor of Second Language Acquisition and Director of Research in the Department of Language and Linguistics at the University of Essex, where she founded the Centre for Research in Language Development throughout the Lifespan (LaDeLi).

She is Chair of the Research in Primary Languages Network (RiPL), a national network of researchers, practicing teachers, teacher educators, and policymakers aiming to support language professionals and influence policy in primary language education.

In this interview she discusses the work of RiPL with a particular focus on their white paper, Primary Languages Policy in England: The Way Forward. [1]

[2] MGC Interview with Professor Florence Myles 10/07/2021


[1] RIPL.uk. 2018. Primary Languages Policy in England: The Way Forward [Online] [Accessed]

[2] MGC Interview with Professor Florence Myles 10/07/2021

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