In the How Safe are our Children? Report 2020, the NSPCC recognises the devastating impact of having a sexual image shared, specifically for young people.

Herabans Kaur is the Client and Community Coordinator at The Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre. In this video, she outlines the Spite for Schools initiative which focuses on educating young people on the topic of indecent image distribution.

Kaur discusses the implementation of workshops to provide an interactive experience through games and role play, promoting awareness and understanding of legalities. Kaur also provides feedback from schools and professional supervisors in response to the safeguarding delivery, followed by the clinic and school-based statistics.

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According to The UK Council for Child Internet Safety, the prevalence of children engaging in creating and sharing indecent images of themselves is a growing concern. In this video, Herabans Kaur from The Queen Mary University discusses the action of Spite for Schools, a community project that educates students on the issue and illegality of distributing intimate images through a holistic approach.

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