1 in 6 young people has a probable diagnosable mental health disorder, according to NHS Digital. Increased use of social media among young people in recent years has caused some mental health challenges including increased levels of anxiety, depression and low self-esteem.

Jessica Asato is the Head of Policy and Public Affairs at Barnardos. Barnardos are the UK’s largest children’s charity, they support thousands of children to achieve better outcomes and to make the most of their potential.

In this video, Jessica discusses both the positive and negative impacts of social media on young people highlighting how it can reduce social isolation for some but also can amplify harms and bullying. She emphasises the importance of safeguarding children online and suggests amendments that can be made to the Online Safety Bill to address this.

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1 in 6 young people aged 5-16 probably has a mental health disorder. Jessica Asato, Head of Policy and Public Affairs at Barnardos discusses the positive and negative impacts of social media on children’s mental health, highlighting the challenges they face online.

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